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Our Pick of the Tweets from #BrightonSEO: Part One

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Today we’ll be wrapping up some of the key takeaways and tips from some of the BrightonSEO sessions.

This morning, we’ve got our team in the sessions for future-proof. 

So, if you’ve missed out on a place, couldn’t attend today or are still stuck in that mega long queue, fear not, we’ve got eyes and ears everywhere.

Got something to add? Email with your tips and quotes.

Future-Proof  Sessions with Nichola Stott, Mel Carson and Rob Bucci

Nichola Stott – How and why UX must be front and centre to your technical strategy

A fantastic talk from Nichola Stott she discussed some of the challenges for UX and content that people face right now.


  1. The 18-24 year old demographic spend 25% less time looking at content
  2. Build your site, your app and everything else to deliver the content quickly. Young people don’t care about the experience, they care about your ‘product’
  3. By 2020, 40% of consumers will be Gen Z – show them what they want, and fast

Consider alternative sources to get your content seen. Buzzfeed draws 70% of its traffic from sources other than its website. The majority of this is Facebook embedded videos and 21% comes from Snapchat. Consider strategies like App indexing to deliver users to the content they need.

Mel Carson –  Personal Branding

Personal branding = defining your professional purpose and being able to articulate your experience and value to your TA through digital media and in-person

Golfer Ian Poulter – check out the twitter moan about his nanny being downgraded from business class in British Airways and his wife having to travel alone for 10h taking care of 4 kids.

How to be a good brand

1.      Be discoverable

2.      Be shareable

3.      Be memorable (the result of the first 2)

15% of people believe what a brand has to say

95% of people believe in trust

Be your own brand:

·        Own your own name – buy a domain and make that site future proof to make sure when people search for your name your own website talking about your work experience comes up first

·        Make your Out Of the Office work harder – add calls to action (e.g. sign up to our newsletter)

·        Create a social media ratio – balance pro and professional (e.g. 60% social presence is professional and 40% personal)

·        Label your photos with your name for SEO – whenever you submit then anywhere add name and profession

·        Business cards

·        Make LinkedIn a living profile

           Ultimate goals of your personal brand: 1. Be discoverable 2. Be shareble 3. Be memorable @MelCarson #BrightonSEO

— Marcos Álvarez (@markookami) April 22, 2016

Rob Bucci – Deep Diving into featured snippets

How to provide useful content for a number of key terms that can give you a huge boost in quality, relevant organic traffic. A fantastic talk by Rob Bucci (@STATrob) which was full of data, insights and actionable takeaways.

Featured Snippets:

  1. Can be a valuable opportunity to drive a significant amount of valuable, organic traffic.
  2. Give your site instant authority in the eyes of the user and can have a significant impact on conversion rates. If Google has decided your site offers the best answer to a user’s query compared to the millions of others out there, what does that say to the user?
  3. Allows you to leapfrog the competition. Rob referred to this as Position 0. Sites that may not be ranking number 1 in the SERPs can still make it to the top of the page. In fact, 70% of featured snippets come from sites that don’t rank in position 1 organically for that term.


  1. Find keywords that Google already uses Featured Snippets for, and target those.
  2. Create targeted content
  3. Consider Q&A format content that answers the specific question posed by the user.
    1. Consider optimising pages that are already performing well organically, these give you the best chance to be featured.
  4. Format your content well. Use headings, tables, lists etc – Make it easy for Google to use your page!
  5. Continue to refine and polish your existing snippets to ensure they remain relevant.



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