My work experience with SiteVisibility – Tristan Kibble

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This week we had working with us Tristan Kibble, a BACA student on work placement who has shared his experience in the following blog post:

My work experience with SiteVisibility by Tristan Kibble

My experience so far at SiteVisibility has been terribly… Amazing!

Ever since day one it’s been everything I thought it would never be, I’ve loved it, it’s opened my mind. I thought it would be dull, miserable and just an excuse to get out of college! But once again it’s another rare moment which has proven me wrong.

Let’s get started with the details:

When I walked into the doors of SiteVisibility, I noticed the stairs (Instant thought of hell) and walked into the first floor, it was different. Computers everywhere, plants and a… Yoga ball! I was sat down and given my computer details and welcomed to the team by Lydia (My mentor) and the crew; each one of them were friendly and had what I would call “banter”. I knew straight from this point that this was going to be an interesting week.

Once I was settled, I accepted god knows how many calendar requests, all in which were meetings that I never thought would be fun. After the first meeting, my only thought was “this could be what I want to pursue”. I was shown around the building, told the dos and don’ts, and given a key which looked almost identical to a miniature highlighter.

On the first day I was asked to research videos made for Rental companies. This was easy, the competition had only made a few. So to come up with an original idea, it was a job which was easily done.  I also had to look into two hotel chain websites, and compare the both to show why one is working better with the users than the other.

On the second day, it was full of meetings, and was one of the fastest days that I had completed in a while. I was taught about Google Analytics and given the task of finding trends between two companies, one having a positive correlation, whereas the other… not so much. Peter, the SEO Director told me about what SEO is and how the company works, I learnt about web crawlers and how sites get strength through links.

Towards the end of the rapid day at SiteVisibility I had a meeting with the CEO, Jason, which consisted of the history of the company, how it started and how it got to where it is today. I was also asked about five things I could come up with to provide personality to the business place. Ideas such as fish tanks, picture frames, wallpaper, activities and whole lot more came into mind.

On Wednesday I arrived and carried on with some research from the day before. After an hour or so, I was needed in a meeting with Sean, the Marketing & Sales Co-ordinator, and he taught me about podcasts and blogs. The tasks I was assigned with after the meeting was to look into potential guests. This was very difficult for me. But a challenge was just what I needed. Whilst doing this, my teacher came into the workplace to speak/take pictures with me. Once she had left, I had a meeting with Scott, the Digital Strategist, in which he elaborated on what he does and taught me about his job.

The following day, I was tasked with two jobs for Scott, this was very interesting because I got to research all the new technology, such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Dash buttons and Google home. I found out a huge amount of information, some pointless, some intriguing.

In the afternoon, Marcos showed me Keyword Opportunity Finder, I found it very confusing but very interesting. I was given five companies to research using a tool which searches for most used keywords and what ranking they are on google from these words. It’s the most fascinating tool I have ever come across. I continued with this for the rest of the day until finish. (might seem boring, but trust me, it was interesting) You really get to see into the world of SEO work.

I’m on my final day and I’ve been tasked with a job which has really taken all my interests into one.

I have been tasked with sorting out the company’s new IPAD PRO, this is something I already know about and some of the things they have asked of me has allowed me to play around with it. I had never used a pro before and knowing that not even the team have used it yet gives me a feeling of responsibility and importance.

So my time has come, my work experience is over… It’s been one of the best and quickest weeks of my life (so far) and I’m definitely not going to let contact with SiteVisibility slip away. I’ve learnt a huge amount and will take it with me for the future.

Many thanks to SiteVisibility and the team for making this happen and giving me the wonderful experience, giving me an insight into the world of SEO and a view of what happens in a workplace.

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