International Podcast Day

Happy International Podcast Day!

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Never heard of it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, it’s only been going for 3 years!

For those who haven’t, here’s a brief summary of what the day is all about:

International Podcast Day is dedicated to promoting Podcasts around the world through education and public engagement. In the summer of 2013, Steve Lee, founder of Modern Life Network founded Podcast Day after he’d just heard about National Senior Citizens Day on the radio. After finding out that Senior Citizens had a day of celebration, he thought to himself “why isn’t there a day of celebration for Podcasting?” and thus, Podcast Day was born! The following year, after overwhelming success, the event was rebranded to how it is known today, International Podcast Day, opening it up to wider world.

The day’s aim is to raise awareness and spread the love of Podcasts, something we’ve been doing since 2006! Yes, 2006! This June, the Internet Marketing Podcast celebrated its 10th Birthday with a special episode featuring current host Andy White and previous hosts, Kelvin Newman and Daniel Rowles as well as SiteVisibility’s very own CEO, Jason Woodford. You can listen to them celebrate 10 years of the show with top episode picks and funny stories as well as an insight into where digital marketing is heading here:


To celebrate International Podcast Day we thought we’d share our most popular episodes over the last 10 years. Here’s the top 5:


  1. Seth Godin and Tim Ferris Interview – #57

In this episode, Kelvin interviews both Seth Godin and Tim Ferris. Both guests were talking about their new books at the time, Seth Godin talking about Linchpin: Are you Indispensable? How to Drive Your Career and Create a Remarkable Future, and Tim Ferris discussing his book, The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich.


  1. How to Pass the Google Analytics IQ Test – #174

In this episode, Eric Fettman discusses how to pass the Google Analytics IQ test. He talks practising, areas in which to specialise and other major topics that you’d need to know about.


  1. Tim Ferriss – #189

In this episode, Tim Ferris joins Kelvin to discuss his new release at the time, The 4-Hour Chef.

  1. Facebook Graph Search – #218

In this episode, Kelvin talks about Facebook Graph Search, the idea behind it, how it evolved and the difference between Google and Facebook search queries as well as how to make the most of it.


  1. Beginners Offsite SEO: Effective Post – Penguin Link Building Strategies – #177

In the 5th most popular episode, Kelvin and Andy discuss offsite factors that control how your site ranks in search. Including strategies and tools for analysing your links as well as new at the time linkbuilding strategies.


As a bonus we’re also sharing the top 5 most popular episodes from 2016:


  1. Creating Sharable Content – #347

 Find out how to create content that is likely to be shared online with Steve Rayson, Director of BuzzSumo.


  1. Setting Up Google Analytics Like a Pro – #350

In this episode with SiteVisibility’s very own Jon Hibbitt and Scott Colenutt, you’ll learn how to set up Google Analytics like a pro.


  1. Interpreting Social Data Via GA – #357

 Tori Cushing discusses how to interpret Google Analytics social reports and the insights that they can provide.


  1. What Technology is Coming and How Will it Impact Digital Marketers – #349

Scott Colenutt, Product Manager at SiteVisibility talks about how the latest and upcoming tools such as Amazon Echo, Google Allo and VR are likely to affect the world of digital marketing.


  1. Marketing Lifestyle Businesses – #348

 In this episode, Graham Constantine talks about lifestyle businesses and some tips on how new entrepreneurs can market themselves.


You can find out more information about International Podcast Day here and follow the day on Twitter using the hashtag #podcastday.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on where Podcasts are heading? Will VR play its part? Will the rise of smart home devices see an even further boom for Podcasts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Also, If you know anyone who’d make a good guest for the Internet Marketing Podcast, email us at

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