Top 5 blog posts and podcasts 2016 title

Top 5 Blog Posts and Internet Marketing Podcast Episodes 2016

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At SiteVisibility we love to share our knowledge and over the last year or so, we’ve produced some great pieces of content on our blog & on the Internet Marketing Podcast as well as some wonderful resources (if i do say so myself!). In this post, I’m going to be looking back over the last year and naming our top 5 blog posts and podcast episodes that we think you need to that you need to know about.

The Top 5 SiteVisibility Blog Posts of 2016

1.      What are the top 3 challenges facing retailers in 2016?

By far our most popular post of the year. In this post our Content Marketing Manager, Dave Gregory predicted what he thought the top 3 challenges facing retailers would be in 2016, including Customer Acquisition & Retention, Messaging Apps and Mobile Experience & Engagement.

2.      What are the top 3 challenges facing hotel companies in 2016?

Following on from our retail post above Scott Colenutt, our Product Manager wrote this piece about what he felt would be the top 3 challenges facing the hotel industry would be in 2016. He touches on the growth of Airbnb (a topic that he covered in far more detail in his whitepaper, What Can Hotels Learn From Airbnb About The Sharing Economy if you haven’t read it yet, go get some coffee and do so now, you won’t be disappointed!), the impact of VR/AR technology (something he also spoke about on our podcast) and reputation management. The post includes some top tips and tools to help so go on, give it a read, I know you want to.

3.      How to track multiple Google Analytics properties via Google Tag Manager

This post is much more practical than the previous two. In this post, Scott takes you through the process of tracking multiple properties using Google Tag Manager.

4.      How will changes to Google’s Keyword Planner affect your Keyword Research in 2017?

Earlier this year, Google announced that they would be restricting the data provided in it’s Keyword Planner tool depending on how much money you spent on Adwords. In this post, Dave looks at what this could mean for conducting keyword research in 2017, providing alternative options and some of his favourite alternative tools.

5.      How to check Google Analytics code on all pages

Another quite niche, yet popular post from Scott. In this post, he provides 6 tools to help you check that Google Analytics is on every page of your site. This is important  as it ensures that all pages on your website are tracking properly and that you are collecting accurate, error free data.

The Top 5 Internet Marketing Podcasts of 2016

As well as our resources and blog posts, we also publish the Internet Marketing Podcast which celebrated it’s 10th anniversary this year (you can listen to the celebratory episode with former hosts, Kelvin Newman and Daniel Rawles here). Below, I’ll be looking at the top 5 listened to Internet Marketing Podcasts from 2016:

1.#347 Creating Sharable Content with Steve Rayson.

This was our most listened to podcast of 2016 and for us, it’s easy to see why. At SiteVisibility we love BuzzSumo. It’s one of our favourite content marketing tools and in this episode, Andy talks to Steve Rayson the Director at BuzzSumo.  Steve discusses how to create content that is likely to get shared and linked to. Listen to the episode below:

2. #357 Interpreting Social Data via Google Analytics with Tori Cushing.

In this episode,  Andy was joined by Tori Cushing, Marketing Strategist at Annielytics. Tori discusses Google Analytics social reports and the insights that you can gain from them. She also shared some of her tips as well as a way of making sure that all of your campaigns are properly attributed to the right source. Listen to the show below:

3. #350 Setting Up Google Analytics Like a Pro with Jon Hibbitt and Scott Colenutt 

Fresh from their recent whitepaper, 9 Simple Steps to Setting up Google Analytics Like a Pro, our very own Jon Hibbit (Technical SEO Analyst) and Scott Colenutt (Product Manager) provide their tips for avoiding any errors when setting up your Google Analytics account and ensuring that you are recording accurate data. Listen to the episode below:

4. #358 The 5 Pillars of High Quality Content with Murat Yatagan

In this Podcast, Murat Yatagan, Ex-Search Analyst for Google spoke to Andy about the 5 pillars of content, the importance of creating high quality content and how to get the most out of it. He also spoke about how to create content that provides the best user experience whilst also giving you the best chance to rank well. Listen below:

5. #349 What Technology Is Coming and How will it Impact Digital Marketing with Scott Colenutt

In this episode, Andy was once again joined by SiteVisibility’s own Product Manager, Scott Colenutt to talk about how the latest and upcoming tools and technology are likely to affect the world of digital marketing. Scott discusses Amazon Echo, Google Allo and VR and how these could be used in future marketing efforts. Listen below:

We hope you enjoy reading/listening to our top blog posts and podcasts and found them useful. We’re always open to talking about new topics and answering your questions so if there’s anything you’d like to see us cover on either our blog or on the Internet Marketing Podcast, please get in touch using the form below:

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