The Top 5 Internet Marketing Podcasts from 2017 That You Need to Listen To

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Over the last year, our Internet Marketing Podcast hit its 400th episode and we’re still going! We had some amazing guests and covered a wide range of topics on the show and in this post, I’m looking back at the top 5 podcasts from 2017 that you need to listen to. From analytics to outreach and looking forward to 2018, you won’t want to miss out on the episodes below.

1.Everything You Didn’t Know About Google Analytics – Tom Capper

Back in January, Distilled’s Tom Capper joined us on the show to discuss everything you didn’t know about Google Analytics. Tom provides several useful tips and hidden quirks in Google Analytics that we otherwise might not have known about. You’ll learn why attribution in GA is messy and how it’s easier than ever to fake data in yours or anyone else’s account, even without any kind of access.

If you want to know which metrics are misleading and why Time on Page is an awful measure, give the show a listen below:

2. How to Rank for High Volume Keywords – Dmitry Dragilev

Founder and CEO of JustReachOut, Dmitry Dragilev joined us on the show in June to talk about one of his recent posts that was published on Moz – How We Ranked #1 for a High-Volume Keyword in Under 3 Months. If you want to know how he did it (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you) then be sure to listen to the show below. Dmitry explains his process and (among others) you’ll learn why Moz’s Keyword Explorer Tool was so important plus the tools and tactics used to promote the content once it was produced.

3. Digital Marketing Trends: What Will Be New in 2018 – Dave Chaffey

A great episode to give you some thoughts as to where marketing is heading this year. Dave is an Author and Co-CEO of Smart Insights and during this show he recaps some of the biggest marketing trends from 2017 and looks at what genuinely new marketing trends are likely to come about in 2018.  Give the show a listen below:

4. Why Do Content Marketing Campaigns Fail? – Shelley Walsh

Founder of ShellShock Ltd, Shelley Walsh joined Andy to discuss the state of content marketing, where it’s headed and why content marketing campaigns often fail.

Shelley explains why although she believes that the industry is booming,with an increased amount of output, she believes that there is a serious lack of quality. She then goes on to discuss six reasons why many content marketing campaigns fail and what you can do to avoid them. The show is well worth a listen if you’re running content marketing campaigns in 2018 and you can do so via the player below:

5. Mobile First Indexing – Murat Yatagan

A hot topic for 2018, Murat joined us once again (he previously spoke about The 5 Pillars of High Quality Content back in 2016) in December to talk about Mobile First Indexing. During the show he explains what mobile-first indexing means, what you need to know and how you can be ready for mobile-first world. Give the show a listen below:

So there you go, the top 5 shows from 2017. I hope you enjoyed them, we certainly learnt a lot from them.

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