Social Media Tips from the Podcast 2019

Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019 From The Internet Marketing Podcast

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We had a range of social media experts feature on our Internet Marketing Podcast in 2018 and they shared with us their wealth of knowledge and experience.

From how to increase your following and the importance of social media automation to the unexpected trends of the year, read on to discover their top tips and advice about social media marketing in 2019.

How to Generate 1 Million Followers in 30 Days: Interview with Brandan Kane

Brendan Kane is a digital strategist and author of One Million Followers: How I Built A Massive Social Audience In 30 Days. Brendan offered the following advice when he appeared on the Internet Marketing Podcast:

Be agile in how you’re producing content and how you’re learning from it. For most people starting out, it takes time to figure out what is the right content, theme, format or story for their brand. Don’t give up when something doesn’t immediately work. Test and learn as much as possible. Avoid  investing your time, effort and resources into one specific area. Use social and digital marketing as a learning experience until you find something that really works for your brand, product or service.

Top Tips For How To Succeed on Twitter: Interview with Madalyn Sklar

Madalyn Sklar is a Twitter marketing expert at In December, Madalyn joined us to discuss Twitter chats, video and lists, plus her favourite tools and top tips for success:

Be on Twitter consistently. The best thing to do is to tweet and talk to people regularly. It’s a great platform for conversations and to connect with people.

When you start doing this every day, you’ll notice your stats and metrics going up. You’ll discover that your engagement is increasing with people retweeting you and liking your tweets. This all starts with being consistent, it makes such a difference.

How AI and Bots Affect Social Media Advertising: Interview with Justin Hartzman

Justin Hartzman is co-founder of and appeared on the Internet Marketing Podcast to talk about automation and how it can support your social media advertising and improve your sales processes:

Automation is getting increasingly important. The fact is, making a sale online 10 years ago was easy. Today it is much more difficult. There are so many people competing for your audience’s attention. If your looking to grow your business, you have to find the tools to help you achieve this.

When it comes to writing social media adverts, people are spending too much time thinking about the content and the copy. If you do it yourself, it’s going to take a lot of time and you’ll probably waste a lot of money. As such, use tools (like to help you automate social media advertising.

The Importance of Social Media Automation: Tim Fargo

Tim Fargo is an author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Social Jukebox. He joined us on the Internet Marketing Podcast to discuss automating social media posts:

The main purpose of automation is so that you can avoid spending time on social media. Using a tool like Social Jukebox takes the time you would have spent manually posting online and redirects that to providing content which resonates with your audience. Ultimately that is what will drive people to your business. If you can become a helpful voice to your target audience is, that’s the key. Automating your content, as long as it’s evergreen content, makes total sense. Use the time you have as a result of automation to craft content which helps your audience.

The Unexpected Social Media Trends in 2018: Jay Baer

President of Convince & Convert, Host of the Social Pros Podcast & author Jay Baer joined us to discuss the decline in Facebook usage, amongst other social trends in 2018:

Don’t think about internet marketing from a Facebook only perspective. If you want to be active on social media, and you should be, you should not pursue a Facebook only strategy. Instead, you should pursue a Facebook plus something else strategy. This is not due to Facebook usage declining but because, from an organic and paid perspective, it makes sense to have your eggs in more than one basket.

In the same way that, in many cases, people think Google is the only search engine that matters, don’t get sucked into this idea that Facebook is the only social platform that matters for marketers.

Selling your apps on Facebook: Sajad Ghanizada

Sajad Ghanizada is a Product Leader, Marketer and Mentor at Founder Institute Kabul. Sajad joined us on the Internet Marketing Podcast to discuss Facebook ads and selling your apps on Facebook.

A lot of the time, as marketers, you’re told to experiment with multiple platforms to determine what works best for you. If you have a low budget and want to get the ball rolling, stick to Facebook. Use lookalike audiences that are built off custom audiences to target your audience. Your money is always well spent on that Facebook because they have great targeting. Once you have the means to explore other platforms, you can start to split your budget and explore other platforms such as: Google AdWords, Google Universal app campaigns, Reddit and Quora.

What did you think of the above podcasts? Were there any tips given by our guests that you found particularly helpful or plan to use for your social strategy? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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