2019 digital marketing tips from the podcast

2019 Digital Marketing Tips From The Internet Marketing Podcast

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Over the past year, the Internet Marketing Podcast has welcomed some great guests to discuss a wide range of subjects.

We’ve already collated the SEO tips, the Social Media tips and the Business & Career Growth tips from our guests to help you with your marketing in 2019 and in this post, we’ll be looking at the tips that our guests provided on a wide range range of subjects. From website migrations and podcasting, to messenger marketing and online reputation, you’ll find each guests top tip from the show, plus the podcast embedded if you’d like to listen to the full show to find out more.

So here we go, starting with marketing technology…

Marketing Technology

The State of Marketing Technology in 2018/19: Interview with Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker is VP Platform Ecosystem of HubSpot and Blogger for Chief Marketing Technologist. In this episode Scott talked about the ever-expanding marketing technology landscape in 2018/19, it’s democratisation and whether marketing is better or worse due to it.

His top tips were as follows:

  • The democratisation of technology is an opportunity for marketers to look at how technology can empower frontline marketers, sales people and customer service staff to better serve the customer in the moment. They have access to data and tools to execute actions on behalf of the customer, which is powerful.
  • Avoid the risk of losing humanity in marketing automation. To do this, marketers need to invest in empathy and intuition with customers which means getting out of the office and having face to face time. Make sure you aren’t losing touch with what’s important and valuable about your brand to your audience.

Website Migrations

How to Ensure Your Website Migration Goes Smoothly: Interview with Scott Colenutt

Scott Colenutt is our very own Head of Digital here at SiteVisibility. In this episode, Scott identified common migration pitfalls and offered the following top tip:

Establish the root reason behind your website migration. If you’re the person who’s decided you’re going to launch a new website or you’re going to migrate, it is your responsibility to tell people why and to tell them the extent of that migration. On the flip side of that, if you’re an agency and you’ve just heard about a migration, it’s your responsibility to look beyond your contract. You have to look at the migration entirely and figure out how you best fit in. You’ll be doing yourself and your client a massive injustice if you just look at what you’re contracted to do. Look beyond that and web migrations will go a lot more seamlessly.


Podcasting: 12 years’ Experience In 35 minutes: Interview with Andy White

In this August episode the tables were turned and presenter of The Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy White, was interviewed by our very own CEO, Jason Woodford. Andy gave the following advice for anyone considering starting a podcast:

If you’re thinking of doing a podcast, just have a go and do it. If you want something really good, start off with something a bit pants and then incrementally make it less pants and after a certain amount of time it will actually be quite good. Everyone’s capable of learning. Do a pilot first then worry about the technical bits and pieces, and setting up, afterwards if you decide to carry on with it.

How to improve your SEO through podcasting: Interview with Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton is Co-author of SEO for Growth and Founder of Kansas City Web Design and Phil spoke about the importance of podcast guesting:

  • Podcast guesting is really important. If you’re really going to go out and do something and want the bang for a buck, then guest on someone else’s podcast. There’s just too many wins off of it. I’ve got some of the best backlinks and reached more people than I’ve reached in the history of my career because I’ve been on other people’s podcasts.
  • It’s never too late to start podcasting. It’s not getting any smaller. In the last two or three years, it’s been blowing up. It’s not going to go away. It’s the way younger generations are consuming content. If we want to succeed today, we all have to make it a part of our marketing plan.

Paid Search

How to manage PPC on a Small Budget: Interview with Lisa Raehsler

Lisa Raehsler is Founder of BigClickCo and spoke to us about how you can manage PPC on a small budget. Her top tip focussed on the importance of planning when it comes to PPC:  

When you’re working with a smaller budget – spend as much time planning your PPC campaigns as you do when creating the account. Understand what the scope is, how big it is, what goals you want to meet, how to laser focus the targeting and then what the experience will be when you want them to convert and the landing page. Spend the time planning and mapping it all out before getting started.

Online Reputation

The Best Strategies to Collect 5-star Reviews: Interview with Brian Greenberg

Brian Greenberg is an SEO professional and author of The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell. A Marketing Guide to Selling While You Sleep.

In 2018, your online reputation and trustworthiness remains as important as ever. Just as in the offline world, a negative first impression of your business can have a lasting impact. With many search engine users admitting to not scrolling any further than the top 3 results, your online status can make or break your business and managing your reputational integrity is key.

Here are the top tips Brian gave us when it comes to your online reputation:

  • First of all, know when to ask for a review. Make sure that asking customers if they are happy is tied into your business strategy.
  • It’s hard to measure the effect of a review so put a monetary value on it. I’ve given bonuses to my employees for the reviews they get and it’s served me very well.
  • Leverage those reviews. When you get those reviews, put them all over your website. Every webpage, especially the checkout pages.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the reviews. Companies like Amazon have built this incredible search engine, almost, that people go on looking for reviews. The same with TripAdvisor and Yelp. People are swayed by these reviews. Overwhelmingly, people are believing online reviews so they are extremely powerful. I encourage everyone to get started with building your online reputation because it serves you for a very long time for your business.


Landing Page Best Practices: An Interview with Oli Gardner from Unbounce

Oli Gardner, keynote speaker and co-founder of Unbounce provided us with this (albeit self-promotional) tip for optimising your landing page:

If you’re not sending your campaign traffic to a dedicated landing page, then you should be!

If you’re already doing that, but need some help optimising your page – then you can use our free landing page analyzer.

The tool looks at a variety of things on your landing page, including design principles, trust factors, SEO, SSL, page speed, images that need to be compressed etc. If you’re about to launch a page, just run it through and it’ll highlight the things you possibly haven’t thought of.

Collecting Data in a GDPR world: Interview with Julien Coquet

Julien Coquet is VP at Hub’Scan and Director of Digital Analytics Services at Business & Decision and provided us with the following top tip about understanding data:

  • Don’t make assumptions about data.
  • Try and spend time with your team to understand what kind of data you are collecting and make sure you know it’s purpose so that it’s easier to manage.
  • If you want something sophisticated in data collection, you are going to need extensive rules to check this data quality which is very time consuming, As such, you should automate your QA processes.

Display Advertising

A New Dawn in Programmatic Display Advertising: Interview with Andy Houstoun

Part 1:

Part 2:

Andy is the Product Director at Crimtan and joined us on the show for a two-part episode (and additional blog post) talking all about GDPR and the impact it might have on display advertising.

Here was his top tip:

The sun is rising on a new world where privacy is at the centre of everything you do and that’s great for a marketer that wants to build a deeper relationship with a client and a customer.

Although the changes aren’t too dramatic right now, the change has started. Certainly, over the next 12-18 months we’re going to see big changes globally. This new dawn will be a mixture of embracing this legislative challenge, giving that customer more transparency on their data, enhancing interactions so your permission to use that data is not taken away because you’re not following them around the web with messages that are intrusive. With this whole consent piece, your hand is being forced to build a longer and more meaningful engagement with your customer, which can only be a good thing.

Messenger Marketing

An Introduction to Messenger Marketing: Interview with Mikael Yang

Mikael Yang is CEO of ManyChat and spoke to us about the importance of human interaction alongside automation:

With automation, there is still a natural point where you need to get a human involved.

Here’s an example:

If you have a high ticket sale then I would qualify that lead through the messenger automation and I would ask questions like ‘how many employees do you have’, ‘what industry are you in’, ‘what is your budget’ or other questions to qualify the person through automation. If the person meets the qualifications, I would then get a sales agent on the line at that point to talk to the person and to handle their request, to follow up and to make sure that purchase goes through. If however, you have something that is low ticket/value then that can be automated and sold entirely through messenger.

Messenger Marketing & MobileMonkey: Interview with Larry Kim

Larry Kim is founder and CEO of Mobile Monkey and spoke to us about the importance of mobile messaging in 2018/2019.

If you’re doing email marketing, keep doing that but also start to diversify into chat as that’s where people prefer to receive their content. There’s a generation shift happening right now in terms of communications preferences. As of 2018, more people prefer messaging over email and social media combined. If you’re only doing email marketing, it’s probably not a great strategy.

 Content Marketing

How SEO Insight Reveals the Content We Need: Interview with Charlie Williams

Charlie Williams is an SEO Consultant at Chopped and Strategist at Screaming Frog. On the show, Charlie talked about how to discover the content that your audience is consuming,  how user surveys can inform your content strategy and more: 

  • Look at your audience and understand what they want. Speak to the experts in house. Get to know your audience as best you can. Look at your search market. Do really thorough keyword research. Don’t be satisfied with 20 keywords for your website, you should have 200 to really know what’s going on in the marketplace.
  • Look at your competition. Find out what you can learn from them, what you can do better, and what you like/don’t like.

Look at all of this with the mindset of what is the intent behind the search. Is it informational/navigational/commercial? You can make your own definitions of what the intent is, but always have a consistent way of looking at your targets and knowing what the intent is.

Bringing your brand to life with words: Interview with Al Robertson

Al Robertson is an independent branding consultant, author and novelist and spoke to us about the importance of knowing who you are writing for:

Always write from the point of view of the person you’re writing for. It’s important to consider that someone is going to read your content and something is going to change because they’ve read it. Either they are going to think something different or do something different. So, what’s the nature of that change you want to achieve and how do you help make that change?

Write out of them, not for you.

So, there you have it, a round up of our guests tips from the Internet Marketing Podcast in 2018, to help you with your 2019 strategies, Was there anything you’d like to find out more about? Is there anything you’re unsure of or disagree with?

Let us know in the comments below.

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