#628 Using SaaS Software To Surface SEO Quick Wins w/ Martin Hayman, Co-Founder of Twylu & RankCaddy

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In this episode we’re joined by Martin Hayman, Founder of Wild Sprout, Co-Founder of the organic search tools ‘Twylu’ and ‘RankCaddy’, and author of the book ‘The Organic Advantage’.


Martin worked at SiteVisibility back in the early 2010s and has continued to work with SiteVisibility as a consultant under his ‘Wild Sprout’ umbrella. In recent years, Martin has ventured into the world of building SaaS software, with his SEO tools Twylu and RankCaddy.


We discuss Martin’s journey from in-house marketer through to SEO consultant, and his more recent foray into SaaS product development.


In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How Martin built his first SEO SaaS products
  • How the pandemic has impacted Martin’s outlook on work and the development of Twylu and RankCaddy
  • How to build the identification of quick SEO wins into your marketing routine
  • The importance of focusing on SEO fundamentals and avoiding shiny object syndrome
  • 9 of Martin’s favourite SEO quick wins to help boost your organic performance
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