#647 Modern Email Marketing That Won’t Make You Feel Sick w/ Rob & Kennedy, Founders of Email Marketing Heroes

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In this episode we’re joined by professional hypnotist (Rob) and mind-reader (Kennedy), who are collectively known as the Email Marketing Heroes.

Rob and Kennedy join us to discuss how they leverage their expertise in hypnosis, mind-reading, and entertainment to forge successful careers in email marketing.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Rob & Kennedy found their way into the world of email marketing via show business
  • What is ethical persuasion?
  • What is the advantage of copywriting over other formats such as video and audio?
  • Grubby email marketing techniques to avoid
  • What’s more important than the subject line when with respect to email open rates?
  • Techniques to help reduce the friction of writing frequently
  • How to utilise the S L O framework

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