Pay Per Click Campaign Reporting & Tracking

This is an important part of any PPC strategy and it is another area in which SiteVisibility excels. It’s important to measure the effectiveness of your search marketing efforts to identify what areas are performing well and identify where campaigns need to be optimised.

Visitor measurement involves collecting data on the number of people visiting your site, what they did and where they came from and what keywords they used to find you. Campaign measurement involves measuring the effectiveness of PPC activity in terms of how effective it was in driving targeted visitors to the site and helping you to generate quality leads.

What Should A Good PPC Report Cover?

SiteVisibility has extensive knowledge of web analytics and campaign return on marketing investment (ROMI) measurement. We have used numerous software tools to deliver meaningful statistics to clients to help them measure success.

It’s important to go beyond just measuring basic figures when reporting on PPC effectiveness. Examples of business focused KPIs include:

  • Visitors generated from search engines and keywords
  • Visitors generated from PPC campaigns
  • CV registrations generated from search engines and keywords
  • Click through revenue generated

As part of our PPC reporting service we are able to provide you with ongoing campaign performance reports. If you can provide access to your analytics tool (i.e. Google analytics) we are able to provide monthly search engine visitor reports.

To find out more how we can provide more transparent reporting on your PPC marketing get in touch now.