Our SEO Training Courses and Workshops

Our hands-on SEO training workshops are designed to help you and your team discover how search engines work and learn some of the tactics and strategies that you can use to improve the performance of your website online. 

From Technical SEO to Content Writing and Local SEO, we’ll help you to learn the different ways in which you can optimise your website to help you increase your organic visibility and meet your business objectives online. Choose your workshop below!

SEO Training Courses For Businesses

Keeping up to speed in such a rapidly changing industry like digital marketing can be challenging and daunting and Search Engine Optimisation is no different. 

You need to combine a number of both technical and creative skills to ensure you tick all the boxes that make sure search engines love your website, and that’s where we come in. 

As co-founders of BrightonSEO, one of the largest free SEO conferences in the world, we understand how important continuous learning is. 

For this reason, our SEO specialists have created detailed SEO courses and workshops that can be adapted to all levels and skills. We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach and as such, we use our knowledge in digital marketing and SEO to create tailored training sessions for your team. 

SEO Fundamentals Course

Our SEO Fundamentals course is aimed at SEO newbies. It’s perfect for those that are starting out in the industry and provides an engaging and easy-to-understand introduction to the world of search engine optimisation. 

It covers the very basic elements of search engine optimisation, from fundamental technical concepts to content creation. 

By the end of this SEO course, you will have a basic understanding of how search engines work and a grasp on some of the fundamental SEO tactics to improve the organic performance of your website in Google. 

You’ll even get hands on with some of the most popular SEO tools. 

Our SEO Fundamentals training course includes:

    • What is SEO? Starting with the basics, you’ll learn what SEO is and how it first appeared on the Digital Marketing scene.
    • How search engines work: To learn how to optimise for search engines, first you’ll need to know how they work and the difference between crawling, caching and indexing. 
    • How people search online: You’ll learn about keywords and keyword intent, the difference between search types and the devices used by searchers.
    • The fundamentals of Technical SEO: Technical SEO is the foundation of all SEO efforts and you’ll learn how to crawl a website, how to use Google Search Console and how to solve common technical SEO problems. 
    • The fundamentals of Content Marketing: You’ll learn the basics of keyword research, the importance of the Meta Titles, Descriptions and Headings and how to write with SEO in mind.
    • The fundamentals of Off-Site SEO & links:  You’ll learn why links are important for SEO, the difference between internal links and external links, how to identify toxic links and the fundamentals of link building - how to attract good links.

The training is undertaken by our Senior SEO Analyst, Marcos Alvarez Martin who hosts the training twice a year as part of BrightonSEO so you can be sure you’re in safe hands!

'After a very insightful 3-hour training from SiteVisibility, I feel prepared to take on both the content and technical sides of SEO. Not only was the training unique and informative, but it also answered the many lingering questions about SEO today'
Korey Benesh - Associate Marketing Manager - PEI

Technical SEO Training

When it comes to SEO, understanding the technical side of things is just as important as getting stuck into the creative. You can have the best content in the world, but if your site isn’t up to scratch technically, you’re going to struggle to perform well in search. 

That’s why we offer our Technical SEO training to help you get to grips with the more complex projects on your website. 

If you are already comfortable with the content side of SEO or want to expand the knowledge of your development team in this area, then this is the right course for you.

This hands-on training provides an understanding of all Technical SEO elements and by the end of this session you’ll be able to perform a technical SEO audit and implement advanced technical SEO tactics to help improve the performance of your site. 

Our Technical SEO training covers:

  • What Technical SEO is and why it’s so important: Technical SEO is the foundation of any SEO campaign. If search engines cannot access your website any other campaign will not succeed, so you’ll need to make sure the technical status of your website is perfect.
  • Crawling & Indexation: You’ll learn how search engines crawl and index websites and what tactics you can use to control what sections of the website are indexed.
  • Cannibalisation & Canonicalisation: Cannibalisation is a common problem in SEO and you’ll learn how to identify this issue and how to select a canonical URL.
  • Mobile SEO: We live in a mobile first world and having a responsive website is key to appearing in mobile results pages. You’ll learn what a mobile website should have and how to optimise for mobile devices.
  • International SEO: International websites have certain particularities when it comes to search engines rankings. We’ll spend time looking at these particularities and learning the key elements to consider when optimising for international sites.
  • Page Speed: Page Speed is a ranking factor that not only impacts SEO but also other areas of digital marketing like PPC and CRO. You’ll learn some of the different page speed tools you can use to identify issues and solve them.
  • Log File Analysis: Log Files can help us identifying how search engines are crawling our website. We’ll discuss different tools and where to look to discover opportunities.

“SiteVisibility were instrumental in upskilling our team, and laying the foundations to develop our marketing activity to the level where we felt we could stand on our own two feet and manage it ourselves”
Maxine Laceby - Founder & CEO - Absolute Collagen

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SEO Content Writing Workshop

Content is King. 

How many times how we heard that sentence? But is it true? And if so, how do we serve the king?

Our SEO Content Writing Workshop will show you the skills and tactics required to create valuable content that not only ranks in search engines results pages, but also converts visitors into customers. 

We’ll help you understand the concept of the content funnel in relation to the user journey and you’ll learn how you can optimise the existing content on your site, as well as the methods you can undertake to create new content. 

We’ll also help you to create personas and explain how different content tactics can be used to engage your audience at different stages of their journey.

This training session isn’t just limited to content writing and also covers other forms of content like video or images and different tactics to promote your content and get the most out of it.

Our SEO Content Writing training covers:

  • How to undertake keyword research for creating content: You’ll learn what tools to use, how to identify keyword intent and how to use the content funnel to discover content opportunities.
  • Understanding and optimising your Meta Data: You’ll learn how you can optimise your Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Headings for search. 
  • How to create and optimise your body content: You’ll learn about writing for SEO and how to create compelling content that goes beyond just adding keywords to the copy.
  • How to undertake persona development: You’ll learn all about persona profiles, what to consider when creating them, what tools to use and how to use them for Digital Marketing.
  • Understanding the user journey in relation to the content funnel: You’ll learn how to use content to support the user journey on the website and help conversions.

Local SEO Training

If you’ve got a local business or perhaps own a business with multiple locations, our Local SEO training course is designed for you. 

From Google Maps to on-page local content, we can help your local business stand out from the crowd. You’ll learn exactly what Local SEO is and how it differs from traditional SEO. 

This Local SEO training covers all the elements required to create a Local SEO strategy and by the end of this session you will be able to perform a Local SEO audit and implement Local SEO strategies to improve the performance of local businesses in results pages and map searches.

Our Local SEO training covers:

  • What is Local SEO? You’ll learn the basics of Local SEO and the differences with traditional SEO
  • Google My Business (GMB): You’ll learn what GMB is, how to set it up and how to optimise it. We’ll also discuss common GMB issues like duplicate listings.
  • Bing Places: Similar to Google My Business, you’ll learn how to set up Bing Places and how to optimise for Bing listings.
  • Local SEO Content: Creating content for Local SEO is a bit different from other type of content. We’ll go through the differences and particularities of Local SEO content and what location pages should contain.
  • Off-Site Local SEO: You’ll learn what else you can do to improve your local SEO presence including review, links and citations.

Our SEO Specialists and Trainers

Our specialists at SiteVisibility are experts when it comes to delivering successful SEO strategies for our clients and we know the keys to achieving great results from organic channels. 

We’re no strangers to knowledge sharing either. In fact, it’s in our DNA, having run numerous training sessions, hosting webinars and participating in our Internet Marketing Podcast. 

So what are you waiting for? Why not bring your team to our Brighton office for some SEO training by the sea or book an in-house workshop or training course with a member of our team.

Give us a call on 01273733433 or leave us a message via the contact form below to find out how we can help you and your team. 

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