Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO can be scary, but it doesn't have to be.

Perhaps you've noticed that your website traffic is declining? Maybe your site has become incredibly slow to load? What if you've suffered from a manual penalty?

It can be frustrating when your site isn't performing to its full potential. We've all been there.

Luckily, we're a Technical SEO Agency with over 20 years experience, and our Technical SEO services are here to help you to understand the issues with your site and how you can fix them.

We can help you revert those dreadful organic traffic drops with our Technical SEO Audits. We'll guide you through the implementation process to ensure you’ve checked all the boxes when it comes to achieving your organic marketing objectives.

Get in touch with our technical SEO specialists today to find out how we can help you. Give us a call on 01273 733433 or leave us a message via the form here.

Our Technical SEO Services include:

Technical SEO Audit Services

Mobile-First SEO Audit

Site Launch/Migration Planning and Support

Page Speed Analysis

Server Log File Analysis

SERP Analysis and Opportunities

Traffic Drop Investigations

Future-proofing SEO

We're the Technical SEO Agency for you!

As a Technical SEO agency with over 20 years of experience, it’s our teams’ duty to make sure our clients’ sites are well-optimised. 

We consistently evaluate search engine updates to ensure that our clients can take a proactive approach to their digital marketing campaigns. 

We'll also run quarterly Technical SEO Reviews to ensure your site is up to scratch.

Our dedicated team has created proprietary SEO tests and tools to ensure your site is technically sound. Our site checker knows its 404s from its 301s!

Whether you’ve never performed a full audit of your website or you’re wondering if it’s time for a tune-up, we provide services that deliver great results, better search visibility and an awesome experience for your visitors.

We also have plenty of experience with Website Migrations, ensuring our clients visibility isn't impacted by the changes made to their sites.

Technical SEO Case Studies

"With the help of SiteVisibility we have managed to exceed the majority of our digital marketing targets since 2018. Initially their technical guidance allowed a platform to creating a depth of relevant content creation that has see web enquiries almost double year on year since our digital journey began. A solid partner you can trust!"
Mike Freely, Octink

What is Technical SEO?

If you think about your website as your house then Technical SEO is the foundation and the walls (with perhaps Content Marketing as the decorations).

It may not be what makes your house stand out, but it’ll ensure that it doesn’t fall down!

Technical SEO includes all the processes and elements required to improve your website’s organic performance. It's one of the critical elements that need to be considered when building and maintaining a website. 

Although content and links are regarded as two of the most important ranking factors, not getting the fundamentals of SEO right could be disastrous for your business.

Search engines want to deliver the best possible experience to their users and so there are plenty of specific requirements which, if ignored, can leave your website and online business at the bottom of the pile.

Why is Technical SEO important for your website?

It’s important to consider Technical SEO when building your website. If you don't, you run the risk of making it completely invisible in Google’s eyes. 

You need to make sure that search engine bots are able to crawl and evaluate all the pages on your site. That all pages are indexed and that crawl budget is not wasted on pages with no SEO value. 

On top of that, you’ll also need to consider your site speed and how it’s seen by mobile users. 

All of this will help you to maximise your organic visibility in search engines.

Sound complicated? Luckily, we’re here to help. 

Our Technical SEO Audit Service

Our Technical SEO Audit features a tailored selection of checks, tests, and analysis of all technical considerations, settings, and functions. 

We’ll review your marketing objectives with you and keep those in mind whilst we uncover the issues behind the scenes. 

At the same time, we'll help you to spot the opportunities to reach your target audience in organic search. 

We won’t just leave you with a huge swathe of data, though. You’ll get full insights and prioritised recommendations for implementing any fixes, ensuring that the most critical and impactful issues are dealt with first. 

We’ll create a road map to provide a clear implementation plan and will work with you and your developers to ensure the implementation process is as smooth as possible. 

Don’t have the time or resources to implement fixes in-house? Get in touch; our technical SEO specialists will be more than happy to help.

Keep your site ‘ship-shape’ with a Technical SEO Review

The best websites are constantly evolving with new features, sections and optimised, on-page content to please search engines and audiences alike.

But the more things change, the more errors can creep in. 

That’s why, as well as our Technical SEO Audits, we also recommend a regular SEO health check to uncover any new issues that may have arisen. 

There could be new 301 redirects or even Google penalties, that might be limiting traffic to your site or restricting its success in the SERPs.

If that's the case, we'll help you to stay on top of it.

Our unique, proprietary Technical SEO Review tool uses powerful tests and tools to take a snapshot of the most critical elements that affect your site’s performance in search. It includes simple graphs and percentage calculations that make it easy for you to understand the severity of any issues we identify. 

We recommend undertaking these at least once every three months, or even more if your website goes through changes constantly.

Working with your development teams

Either with your internal development team or with a separate agency working on your site, we believe that working together with devs is one of the most significant factors in website success. 

To ensure your website is performing at its best on search engines results pages, SEO tactics should be part of the design and building phase of your site. This will help to avoid future headaches and save you money in the long term. 

We will make sure our collaborative efforts are directed towards a common goal.

Clients who have achieved Technical SEO success with us include: 

SiteVisibility Client Logos

Want to improve your search performance with a full Technical SEO Audit? Perhaps it’s time for an SEO health check? Get in touch today and let our technical SEO specialists take a look under the hood. Call our Brighton team on 01273 733433 or contact us using the form below.

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