Many people ask us what sets SiteVisibility apart from our competitors.

Why should they work with us?

Well, aside from having a proven track record for over 16 years and being founders of BrightonSEO and the Internet Marketing Podcast, one thing that gives us a competitive advantage is the creation of our in-house tools, The Keyword Opportunity Finder and the Technical SEO Review.

Designed to speed up your SEO strategy, find out what sets them apart from other tools on the market and how our they could help you below:

The Keyword Opportunity Finder (KOF)

Any good marketer knows that keyword research is essential to a successful SEO campaign.

However, to get it right it can be a lengthy process. Unfortunately, keyword research isn’t easy.

Or at least not until now.

Say hello to our in-house tool, the Keyword Opportunity Finder.

Created by the boffins in our Technical SEO team, the Keyword Opportunity Finder (KOF) contains detailed ranking data for your site and up to 10 competitors and allows us to gain valuable insights into the keywords that drive traffic to your site and those that don’t.

Phonak Case Study

The Technology

With our Keyword Opportunity Finder, you don’t need to tell us the keywords you want to rank for. We find the keywords that you and your competitors rank for and show you the opportunities that you are missing.

All you have to do is tell us who your main competitors are and our technology will do the rest. In the blink of an eye, we can start to identify important keyword trends such as:

  • Missing Keywords: We’ll help you to find the keywords that your competitors are ranking for and that you aren’t.
  • Your Current Keyword Performance: See the important keywords that drive traffic to each page on your website
  • Competitor Pages: You’ll be able to study the keywords that drive traffic to your competitor sites on a page by page basis
  • Keyword Gaps: Identify keyword under use on your pages
  • Traffic Opportunities: The increment algorithm shows the priority order to work on the top keywords

Increment Algorithm

As well as identifying keyword trends, our increment algorithm uses click-through rate modeling to estimate the increase in traffic you would get from moving up just one ranking position on a given keyword.

This data can help you to find the biggest keyword opportunities for your business and help you to quickly prioritise the keywords that can achieve the best results.

Interested in finding out more? Speak to us via the live chat function at the bottom right of your screen!

Technical SEO Review

Whilst the Keyword Opportunity Finder ensures you’ve got your on-page copy and content strategy sorted, our Technical SEO Review helps you to find and fix the core issues that are stopping your site from achieving its full ranking potential in search engines.

It’s essentially a scaled-back technical audit that can be produced in an instant.

The tool uses advanced crawling technology to crawl your site exactly like a search engine would (up to 10,000 pages on your site) to find the broken links, redirects and server errors that are hindering your performance. Advanced similarity algorithms are also used to detect instances of duplicate or near duplicate content to quickly identify duplicate pages.

The tool provides a snapshot of your website’s performance and allows us to quickly spot any critical Technical SEO issues across the site.

You can find:

  • Duplicate Pages: Find duplicate pages that waste page strength and can cause Panda penalties
  • Redirects: Find redirects that waste page strength & can cause longer page load speeds
  • 404 Errors & Broken links: Find any broken links that are bad for users and search engines
  • Server Errors: Find the pages that don’t work on your site
  • Linking Out: Find pages that link out too often, taking strength from your site.
  • Crawl Depth: Find pages that are difficult to find on your website.

Content Issues

As well as providing detailed insights on the core technical issues, the Technical SEO Review also examines the content on your website in detail.

Our content data sheets clearly show the pages that have low amounts of content, missing titles and descriptions, or missing h1 tags so you can be assured that your content adheres to best SEO practices.

With the TSR, you are able to identify issues with:

  • Title Tags: Find any duplicated, missing or overly long title tags
  • Meta Descriptions: Find any pages that contain duplicated, missing or overly long meta descriptions
  • Heading 1 Tags: Find the pages that are either missing H1s or have multiple or duplicated H1s
  • Thin Content: Find out which pages have thin content (Words per page).

Clear Performance Dashboard

The TSR is presented in an easy to use Excel sheet with a dashboard providing clear insights on the major technical and content issues that are holding your site back. It includes simple graphs and percentage calculations that make it easy to understand the severity of any identified issue quickly.

Who is the TSR for?

For our retained clients, we’ll typically run a TSR at the start of a campaign to help us inform your SEO strategy. We’ll then continue to run them on a quarterly basis to ensure we stay on top of any technical issues that could be hindering your site’s performance.

We’re happy to undertake the necessary changes to your site for you but equally, the dashboard and data sheets provided are simple enough to hand over to your web developers, so they can quickly address the issues found.

As well as our retained clients, we’re also happy to provide the TSR to any business as a one-off snapshot of your site’s performance.

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