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We are a solutions-focused team that will give meaning to your online presence using insight-led strategy.

Our strategic team know every business is different, one size never fits all. We’ll ensure all your digital channels complement each other to help you achieve your business objectives. 

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Why You Need A Digital Strategy Agency

In today’s era, the online world can hold even more weight for your business than the offline world.

Unless you have a strategic direction for reaching your business goals online – you’re essentially directionless, floating aimlessly like a plastic bag along a beach…

A digital marketing strategy helps you keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to the online market, your audience and your competitors.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Process

The creation of a digital strategy has to start with an excellent foundational knowledge of your business. 

First off, we’ll get together with you and your team to start our Discovery Phase with a kick-off meeting. During the meeting, we’ll: 

  • Discuss what your business does and what it wants to achieve
  • Talk through your previous performance and targets and the marketing tactics you’ve used
  • Understand your teams’ internal capabilities and knowledge of digital marketing, so that we can tailor our approach to your account perfectly.

We’ll also chat through your internal capabilities and your team’s understanding of digital marketing so that we can tailor our approach to your account perfectly.

Taking everything that we learn from this meeting, we then start a period of auditing and further discovery. We take a deep dive into your website to assess the areas needed for improvement across both technical SEO and content. We take a look into where your business sits in the competitive landscape,  who your audience is and where they are spending their time online.

Around 6 weeks into our relationship, we’ll produce a strategy document that reiterates the objectives you’ve shared with us and proposes the targets that we want to own and contribute to. It will be with these targets and objectives that we measure the performance of our work. We’ll share our proposed KPIs that will form the basis of your monthly performance report.

Your strategic account team members build data, content, SEO and paid media road maps which form a part of your strategy document. These road maps prioritise the tasks and tactics that will have the most impact on your targets and objectives. 

At SiteVisibility, we approach digital strategy in an iterative way. As such, we like to plan out 80% of your activity road map over the course of 6 or more months and make sure that we have 20% ‘wiggle room’ to be reactive to changes in your industry or business.

Every month your strategic account team will meet internally to discuss progress and tactics so far. This is communicated to you via the monthly report and in quarterly review meetings where we’ll all get to discuss the strategy progress, performance against targets and YoY performance together. 

Our Measurement & Insight team lead on account measurement and will put a measurement framework together for you. In order to understand what we can achieve, we can forecast performance for traffic and website conversions and this insight will inform ongoing digital tactics.

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Clients Who’ve Experienced Growth With Our Digital Strategy Service

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Marketing Strategy Services From SiteVisibility

The key components, goals and benefits of our digital marketing strategy services are:

Discovery & Planning

Every strategy worth its salt starts with discovery. 

As referenced above, we begin with a through onboarding and discovery period. In this time, we’ll put together a detailed digital marketing plan for the next 6 months.

Data Strategy Services

Understanding the value you want to get from your data is the starting point for devising your data strategy.

Who needs to use the data? What challenges are you experiencing? How do you see data facilitating your business goals? What insights do you want to glean about your customers and marketing?

We’ll help you uncover answers to these types of questions, so your data needs are identified and a plan is devised for helping you acquire the platforms, solutions, training, and skills you need to realise your data goals.

Learn more about our Measurement & Insight Services

Content Strategy Services

Once we’ve understood your business, audience and your digital marketing objectives, we’ll use what we have learned to inform your content marketing strategy. 

We use strategic tactics, activations and creativity to put your brand, products and services on the map. 

We’ll put relevant and trustworthy content and creative strategy plans in place that are informed by data and expertise from years of running meaningful, purposeful content campaigns.

Learn more about our Content & Creative Services

SEO Strategy Services

You can have as many content and acquisition campaigns live as possible but without a website that conforms to technical SEO best practice, you just won’t get found online. 

Are you thinking about a re-brand or changing your website? We have processes in place and years of experience to make business transitions like this as risk free as possible and protect your organic presence. But it all starts with strategic planning. 

Informed by our discovery process, your SEO strategy could include anything from local SEO tactics, guidance on when is best to migrate your site to optimising for Google Search Results Features and topic future proofing research. 

Learn more about our SEO services

Paid Media Strategy

Ensuring all your channels work in unison should not be overlooked. Each channel, Organic, Paid and Social should support a central set of strategic objectives so your horse carts aren’t pulling in separate directions! 

Paid Media can be the glue that brings them all together. 

Have you suffered through a bad migration and lost traffic? Is a competitor being particularly aggressive or have you lost visibility following a Google algorithm update? Paid Media can be a strategic part of the puzzle to cover lost ground, test new ground or support your sales targets with an easy way to report on ROI. 

Learn more about our Paid Media services

Marketing Strategy Training

As co-founders of brightonSEO, we love to pass on our knowledge! With a wealth of strategic planning experience across all digital marketing channels, we’re able to offer bespoke training sessions from a couple of hours to a whole day. These sessions start with strategy planning and work all the way through to implementation, measurement and re-strategising. 

Our friendly strategic team will set you up for ongoing strategic success and our clients get 50% off BrightonSEO training days!

Why Work With SiteVisibility?

  • Proven track record of 17+ years

  • Multiple Industry Experience

  • Multi-Channel Strategy Service

  • In-depth case studies and testimonials

  • Flexible project or retainer pricing

  • Exclusive BrightonSEO and MeasureFest perks

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