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Attention all business owners and marketing managers! Are you ready for the next generation of Google Analytics, the biggest change in its history? 

Universal Analytics (UA) stopped collecting data from 1st July 2023 and on January 1st 2024, all your historical UA data will be permanently deleted. 

This is due to Google pushing all businesses to move to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) because it’s designed for the future of measurement. It provides a holistic view of digital performance in one property (website + app data), is more compliant with privacy laws, makes data collection more accessible for non-developers/tracking experts, and offers greater analytical capabilities.

If you haven’t yet configured your GA4 property, we can help. 

Get in touch with our GA4 experts to find out how we can empower you to trust your data. 

This video demonstrates the significant reporting and navigation changes, and gives you a glimpse into the many dimension and metric differences. New features and functionality are released almost bi-weekly, so you may find GA4 looks different since the recording of our video.

As well as implementing the tracking that powers GA4 and configuring the property, your UA tracking will need to be migrated, your UA data will need to be backed up, and your Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) reports will likely need to be reconfigured.

All of that might sound daunting, but fear not. If you haven’t already started or you have a property and want to verify its data is accurate, we’re here to help.

Our GA4 Services

GA4 Property Set-Up

Including the migration of your UA tracking and backing up its data

GA4 Auditing

Assessing whether your property set-up and tracking are optimal

Looker Studio Reporting

Reconfiguring your reports or configuring new ones

GA4 Training

½ day of online training, with supporting resources

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GA4 Property Set-up

Have confidence that you can use your data to make informed decisions about your marketing budgets, resources and strategy. 

After understanding your measurement needs, we’ll create a plan of the important interactions your users have with your website that need to be tracked. This will include what needs to be migrated from Univeral Analytics, e.g. goals and event tracking. From there, we’ll implement tracking that records the KPIs that are important to you (like users, form submissions and revenue), so you know how your website and marketing channels are performing.

So you get the most out of what GA4 offers that UA didn’t, we’ll ensure all the best property settings are configured. From cross-domain tracking and product integrations, to alerts that let you know when there’s a potential performance issue.

To make absolutely certain you can still demonstrate year-on-year performance improvements to stakeholders, we’ll also back up your UA data.

GA4 Auditing

Ensure your GA4 property set-up meets best practice and contains data you trust.

Our audits focus on 3 areas: 

  • Integrity: Accuracy and trustworthiness
  • Organisation: How organised and healthy your property is
  • Insight: Data richness and the possibilities for gleaning maximum insight

We’ll assess your property settings and tracking against your measurement needs to ensure your data allows you to answer important questions like ‘which channels should I invest in more?’, as well as implementing any improvements we identify.

Exploratory research will uncover missed user interactions you aren’t tracking, but should be because they’ll allow you to understand the quality of the website experience you offer. After we implement tracking for the interactions, you’ll be able to address pain points for users, so you reduce traffic wastage caused by sending users to a site with poor usability.

Although GA4 is built to better comply with privacy laws, you still need to ensure it only collects data when your website users have consented to being tracked. As such, we’ll identify whether changes are required to how you have GA4 set up, so you avoid hefty fines from regulators for being non-compliant.

Looker Studio Reports 

Get stakeholder-facing reports with Google’s Looker Studio so that you can easily demonstrate performance without requiring new/non-users of GA4 to get to grips with in-property reports.

If you already have Looker Studio reports, they’ll need partial or complete reconfiguration because of the different metrics and dimensions GA4 offers vs UA. With multiple options for dimensions and metrics now (e.g. item revenue, purchase revenue and total revenue), we’ll find the GA4 equivalent for you.

GA4 provides numerous in-property reports, but due to how different their metrics, dimensions, and functionality are, it can be overwhelming to use them when you aren’t a regular GA4 user. We’ll create bespoke reports that put the new data in a format that is simple and easy to use. All our reports are built to your requirements, so they answer the questions you need them to. 

GA4 Training 

Set yourself and your organisation up for success for using GA4 as your main analytics source. Getting a solid grasp of how you need to use the property differently and what its differences mean for your organisation will stand you in good stead for the future.

Our training is designed for entry-level users of Google Analytics and includes half a day of online learning. Across 4 x 1-hour sessions, we’ll take you through foundational concepts and spend time in your property showing you how to use its reports and functionality. 

Our GA4 training covers:  

  • Differences and similarities between UA and GA4
  • Measurement methodology
  • Cross-channel data-driven attribution model
  • Data modelling
  • Metrics and dimensions
  • Channels
  • Reports: Types and customisation
  • Explorations
  • Audiences
  • Segments
  • Comparisons
  • Integration with other Google products, e.g. Google Ads
  • Admin settings
  • The impact the changes have on you and your organisation

You’ll complete our course with the confidence that you can start using GA4 to make effective, data-led decisions.

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