“I can testify that working with SiteVisibility so far has been straightforward, simple, and effective. Not only do they take the time required to understand your organization’s values and objectives in order to run effective campaigns, but they also provide first-rate account management which ensures that you feel a valued partner.”  Tom Rippon, Career Ready.

Our PPC Services

When it comes to creating high performance PPC campaigns, it’s more than just a numbers game. PPC Marketing is all about getting to know your business, your customers, your competitors and the triggers than turn prospects into conversions. At SiteVisibility, we use data-driven insights to achieve the best ROI for you and your business.

Unlike other PPC agencies or services, our Google Ads certified team spend time analysing the length of each website visit and the journey each visitor takes. We’ll uncover powerful terms that drive conversions rather than easy-wins that simply drive traffic.

We’ll work with your in-house marketing team to help unearth new communities of interest, and support other marketing activity like offline advertising with intelligent and timely paid advertising.

We’ll keep evolving your paid search campaigns to drive quality traffic to your preferred outcome and drive down the cost of your PPC campaign.

Our approach to PPC Management

PPC approach

With many years of experience in running successful PPC campaigns, we apply a tried and tested approach to PPC management that ensures both efficiency and ROI based on your marketing objectives and goals.


First, we set about ensuring that your PPC campaigns are setup to target your potential customers where and when they are searching.

Some factors that may affect your reach include:

  • Campaign settings
  • Geographical targeting
  • Campaign budget
  • Keyword selection
  • Keyword bids
  • Ad schedule


We also look to ensure that you’re are attracting the right type of customers.

We evaluate how relevant your keywords and ad copy are and whether these are in-line with your advertising goals.

Some factors that may affect relevancy include:

  • Targeting
  • Keyword selection
  • Ad copy


Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to PPC Marketing is efficiency. Here we look at how your advertising budget is spent and whether or not you are achieving your advertising goals.

Some factors that may affect efficiency include:

  • Campaign structure
  • Campaign budget
  • Keyword bids
  • Mobile bid multipliers
  • Negative keywords

Finally, we take into consideration the user’s experience once they have clicked on an ad and jump to your landing page. Is the page relevant to the ad? Are there well placed call to actions? Is the page well optimised for conversions? We’ll take care of this for you.

Of course, every marketer’s nirvana is improved cost-effectiveness, and it’s one we excel at. From sophisticated bidding strategies, to clever time slot management and ever-evolving messaging, we’ll continually test and tweak campaigns to create optimum results.

Direct Working Relationships with our PPC Experts

We believe in transparent reporting (why shouldn’t you view every keyword and every bid if you so wish). We like our clients to enjoy direct communication with the PPC professionals managing their campaigns and we encourage regular reviews to ensure we’re on track.

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