Our SEO Migration Services

Launching a new website can be a scary proposition.

Whether you’re moving from HTTP to HTTPS, switching from WordPress to Shopify, changing CMS, rebranding, updating your whole site for a mobile-first strategy, or you’re going through a merger or acquisition, one thing is for sure:

A website migration is a critical time for any business.

Even with the world’s best web development team, a mismanaged website migration can have a severe impact on organic search performance.

After all, the last thing you want to see upon your swanky new website launch is a drop off in traffic because your web developers missed out the technical stuff.

SEO Website Migration Services You Can Trust

Luckily with us, you’re in good hands.

We’ve got a wealth of experience when it comes to site migrations having worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands including the likes of Hilton Hotels, Dunelm, Nivea, Fat Face, and This Works. From large eCommerce sites and online shops to smaller sites experiencing multiple technical issues, we’ve been there and done it before.

Our Head of Digital, Scott Colenutt even joined us on the Internet Marketing Podcast to talk about How to Ensure Your Website Migration Goes Smoothly.

Plus, you can find out our step by step process for successful website migrations in our free Ultimate Website Migration Checklist.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you with your website migration, call us on 01273 733433 or leave us a message via the form here.

Dunelm Website Migration Podcast

"We were very pleased with all the work carried out by SiteVisibility. They helped us complete a very complicated project - a large website migration with multi-continental SEO considerations, needing to be finished within a very tight timeframe. SiteVisibility were easy to work with and helped our team successfully complete the project on time."
Chris Manlow, Learning Technologies Group

Our Website Migration Services

Website Migrations can be a lengthy process, with a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration.

Most companies will only consider SEO when it comes to a migration, but not us.

We’ll make sure that all bases are covered and will support you at every step of the journey.

As well as any SEO issues, we’ll also consider the impact on your Analytics set up as well as any issues with your paid search activity.

Our SEO website migration services cover all the major platforms including:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

And we can even help to migrate custom built websites.

On top of that, we’ll even provide you with a checklist to give to your developers to outline what they are responsible for.

Our website migration services also cover everything from start to finish.

We’ve got tried and tested processes in place to ensure that everything goes smoothly from pre, during and post launch.

Pre-Launch SEO Migration Services:

The activity before you launch your new site is critical (in fact, we always suggest you undertake a pre-migration analytics audit).

As such, we undertake a thorough research and planning phase to make sure you’re absolutely ready to migrate.

At the pre-launch stage, it’s important to benchmark your site and take stock of how it’s currently performing, so we’ll undertake a number of tasks related to your SEO performance and Analytics set up.

When it comes to your SEO we will:

  • Organise and check the redirects from the old site to the new site
  • Undertake a full-crawl and audit the new site before it goes live
  • Benchmark SEO data, including rankings for the current site
  • Start configuring your new HTTPS Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Accounts
  • Undertake all the copywriting needed for your new site before it goes live

In respect of your analytics & measurement, we will:

  • Audit your Google Analytics configuration
  • Start configuring and testing your new Google Analytics Goals & Events on the staging site
  • Upgrade you to Google Tag Manager for ease of use tag management moving forward
  • We’ll start configuring reporting based on your new website goals

We’ll also undertake UX testing on the staging site and if there are changes to your website URLs, brand messaging or user targeting, we may also need to review your PPC strategy and/or current ads.

These points should always be discussed before the new website is launched and we’ll be here to help and support you with this.

Pre-Migration GA Audit Blog Post

Post-Launch SEO Migration Services:

Once your shiny new site is launched, our in-house SEO website migration experts will extensively test and check every-last nook and cranny of your new site on launch day.

From an SEO perspective we will:

  • Check that everything is correct with redirects on launch day
  • Run a Technical SEO Review to compare data against the pre-launch audit
  • Submit your new sitemaps to Google & Bing
  • Manually check SEO data, including rankings every day for 2 weeks

In terms of analytics & measurement, we will:

  • Closely monitor organic traffic to ensure there are no sudden drops
  • Publish and test your new Goals & Events
  • Implement the actions from the Google Analytics audit
  • Check that the Google Tag Manager code is added to all pages
  • Customise reporting based on the new website and objectives

Data Migration Services

When it comes to migrations, there’s no such thing as being too careful.

Without the right planning, you can lose traffic, have significant downtime and you may have gaps in your data.

That’s where our data migration services come in.

When it comes to your data, we’ll help you to:

  • Ensure that data collection is maintained throughout your migration.
  • Guarantee new, relevant user actions will be tracked from day 1.
  • Set expectations for data loss if the new website loses functionalities.
  • Launch a GDPR-compliant website to avoid fines.

With us, when you migrate, you know that your data is safe.

Once we’re satisfied that you’ve completed a successful SEO migration, we’ll begin to focus on your long-term SEO strategy.

As we like to say, this is where the fun begins…!

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