SEOAs experts in Search Engine Optimisation we work closely with you to increase visibility and rankings in your marketplace, delivering quality traffic and user experience that converts visitors into customers.

We do this by utilising a range of tactics that cut across both onsite content analysis and behind the scenes technical insights. Not only do we understand the triggers and signals used by all of the major search engines, but we only deliver tactics that are in line with industry best practice.

When it comes to SEO it’s all about putting the customer experience first, understanding their needs and behaviours and developing strategies that drive customer engagement and conversions. As search marketing specialists, we know how to increase the performance of your website and other online profiles.

At the core of our SEO services are the Technical SEO Review and the Keyword Opportunity Finder, in house tools created to ensure the success of your SEO campaign.

Technical SEO Review

The Technical SEo Review helps us to find and fix the issues that are holding your website back. Our technology crawls up to 10,000 pages on your website, and provides clear insights into the core issues that stop your site from achieving its full ranking potential in search engines.

Clear Performance Dashboard

Our dashboard provides clear insights on the major technical and content issues that are holding your site back and shows simple percentage calculations so you can quickly see the scale of the issues uncovered.

Technical Issues

The Technical SEO Review uses advanced crawling technology that crawls your website like a search engine to find the broken links, redirects and server errors that stop your site from performing. Advanced similarity algorithms are used to detect instances of duplicate or near duplicate content to quickly identify duplicate pages.

Our detailed technical data sheets provide full details on every issue uncovered in an easy to understand format. These sheets make it simple to communicate the problems to web developers, so they can quickly address the issues found.

The technical data sheets cover the following issues:

  • Duplicate Pages
  • Redirects
  • 404 Errors & Broken links
  • Server Errors
  • Linking Out
  • Crawl Depth

Content Issues

As well as providing detailed insights on technical issues, the Technical SEO Review examines the content on your website in detail. High quality, comprehensive and unique content is vital to ensuring top rankings in search engines. Our detailed content data sheets show clearly the pages that have low amounts of content or missing title’s and descriptions or missing heading 1 tags.

The content data sheets cover the following issues:

  • Title Tags (Duplicate, Missing, Overly Long)
  • Meta Descriptions (Duplicate, Missing, Overly Long)
  • Heading 1 Tags – (Missing, Multiple, Duplicate)
  • Thin Content (Words per page)

Actionable Insights

The Technical SEO Review can help you by clearly identifying the core issues that are holding your site back from a technical and content aspect.

You can find:

  • Duplicate Pages – Find duplicate pages that waste page strength and can cause Panda penalties.
  • Redirects – Find redirects that waste page strength can cause longer page load speeds.
  • 404 Errors & Broken links – Find broken links that are bad for users and search engines.
  • Server Errors – Find pages that don’t work on your site.
  • Linking Out – Find pages that link out too often, taking strength from your site.
  • Crawl Depth – Find pages that are difficult to get to on your website.
  • Title Tags (Duplicate, Missing, Overly Long) – Find pages that have title tags that do not match search engine best practice.
  • Meta Descriptions (Duplicate, Missing, Overly Long) – Find pages that have long meta descriptions that are not optimal in search engine results.
  • Heading 1 Tags (Missing, Multiple, Duplicate) – Find pages with Heading 1 tags that do not match best practice.
  • Thin Content (Words per page) – Find pages that have low quality thin content.

Keyword Opportunity Finder

the Keyword Opportunity Finder helps you to gain valuable insights on the keywords that drive traffic to your site and your competitors’ sites. Our technology helps you to understand the top keywords that drive traffic to your website and your competitors’ sites.

The Technology

With our Keyword Opportunity Finder you don’t need to tell us the keywords you want to rank for, we find the keywords that you and your competitors rank for, and show you the opportunities you are missing. All you have to do is tell us who your competitors are and our technology will do the rest.

Traffic & Ranking Data

The Keyword Opportunity Finder contains detailed ranking data for your site and up to 10 competitor websites. With the Excel compatible dashboard you can see how many people are searching for a keyword and where your site and your competitors’ sites rank.

Increment Algorithm

Our increment algorithm uses click through rate modeling to estimate the increase in traffic you would get from moving up just one ranking position on a given keyword. This data can help you to find the biggest keyword opportunities for your business and to quickly prioritise the keywords that can achieve the best results.

Actionable Insights

Missing Keywords – Find keywords that your competitors rank for that you do not.

Content Writing – See the important keywords that drive traffic to each page on your website.

Competitor Pages – Study the keywords that drive traffic to your competitor sites on a per page basis.

Keyword Gaps – Identify keyword under use on your pages.

Prioritise Keyword Activity – The increment algorithm shows the priority order to work on the top keywords.

Our SEO services also include:

  • SEO Audits
  • Keyword research
  • Content quality review
  • Analytics and traffic analysis
  • Local and International optimisation
  • Site architecture
  • Backlink analysis
  • Desktop and mobile strategy
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

We believe in transparency. Our clients talk directly with the people carrying out the work and our reports include all the detail you need to measure progress against the parameters that are important to you.

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