What’s it like to work at SiteVisibility? Thoughts on Day One.

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Richard Adams has joined the SiteVisibility team as a Content Marketing Intern. These are this thoughts on his first day.


Day one of working at Site Visibility as a content intern and apparently it’s customary to introduce myself right here on the agency blog. For someone like me who dislikes being the centre of attention this is a somewhat scary situation to be in so please be nice with any comments you leave 😉

At first glance I may seem a somewhat unusual recruit for a digital marketing agency in that most of my career to date has been in the world of retail management opening and running stores all over the UK. However alongside my busy life in retail I have also developed a hard-core love of blogging, SEO and more generally creating top-quality content. This is why the content team is such a close fit for me and I’m looking forward to settling in and becoming an integral part of the impressive line-up here at the Brighton SiteVisibility office.

Some of my previous online marketing experiences have included founding one of the world’s highest traffic site offering payment-processing information before selling it to a group of investors. I was also lucky enough last year to have some of my blog posts picked up by Harper Collins and included in a book about the countryside.

When I’m not engaged in my writing I have something of an unhealthy interest in the “weirder” side of pets – namely reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Currently I have a royal python, tree frog, leaf insects and a collection of tarantulas to name just a few – all living in my bedroom. And yes in case you’re wondering I sleep quite soundly at night with them there thank you very much!

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