Case Study: How Audience Profiling Helped Tommy Trinder Increase Demo Bookings by 34% YoY


Overview of our Partnership 

With many years of experience in the glazing industry, Tommy Trinder came to us with a lot of knowledge about their traditional audience. However,  their strategy of using a saturated email marketing list had begun to see diminishing returns. 

As such, there was a distinct requirement to diversify their marketing channels.

Their extensive understanding of the pain points that window installers experience when they’re quoting, resulted in the web-based app Framepoint®  being created by the Tommy Trinder team. The app empowers window installers to quote at scale, saving vast amounts of time and improving accuracy.

We quickly discovered we needed to learn more about this niche audience, so we could validate (and challenge!) the perceived motivations and online behaviours. 

We started with a workshop to document Tommy Trinder’s knowledge, before speaking with their customers via a series of interviews.

The output of this quantitative and qualitative data analysis is five robust audience profiles, which means we can: 

  • React quickly to changes in performance
  • Tailor campaigns to address their audiences needs and pain points
  • Create a successful Paid Media multi-channel funnel 
  • Generate an abundance of creative ideas
  • Suggest complementary offline PR campaigns

Demo bookings were in decline prior to carrying out this audience research. During the last 12 months that trend has been reversed, and we’ve seen:  

  • 21% YoY increase in Framepoint® subscribers
  • 34% YoY increase in demo bookings
  • 9% YoY increase in conversion rate (demo bookings to subscriptions)

* January to December 2023 versus previous year

Our Approach: How We Built The Profiles

To validate the team’s assumptions about their audience’s motivations, we decided to conduct a workshop alongside customer interviews to gather user-generated feedback. 

Since their audience is niche (estimated 14k window installers in the UK), we couldn’t rely on assumptions alone. 

The Workshop

We started by hosting an audience profiling workshop with the Tommy Trinder team. 

This included the CEO and Founder, the Business Development Manager, and the Head of Customer Success.

Learning about customers through the people that talk to them on a daily basis was a great starting point because it allowed us to collect a lot of anecdotal feedback. 

We documented demographics, professional characteristics, psychographics, frustrations and challenges. 

Together, we went through an exercise of mapping their customer journeys in as much detail as possible. We identified motivations, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and moments of excitement. 


The Interviews

We then needed to validate the journey map by speaking directly to their customers.

We interviewed seven existing customers, which gave us the opportunity to openly discuss  who they were and how they used Framepoint® day-to-day. The interviews were conducted by phone and transcribed; common themes, quotes and insights were incorporated into our audience profiles.

During the interviews, we confirmed several assumptions made by the Tommy Trinder team about their audience. However, we also discovered many new insights, such as where they typically spend their time online.

Analysis & Documentation

The final step was to document our learnings. 

We complemented the workshops and interviews using data from the following platforms to identify the audience sizes and online media consumption: Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok Audiences, SparkToro, Google Analytics and Google Ads.

This also informed which platforms to invest in initially.

We created three primary audience profiles and two secondary ones, which became an intrinsic part of our documented digital marketing strategy. 

Re-evaluating Profiles

As we learnt more about the audience, we naturally reevaluated our profiles and one of the secondary profiles has since become much more prevalent than we’d originally anticipated. 

Using Google Analytics data, we discovered that 40% of all their website enquiries were submitted by women, even though in most cases the calls and demos were with male window installers. 

Office Olivia (one of our profiles) was clearly more influential than anyone had anticipated, so we created tailored campaigns with this new primary profile in mind.

Furthermore, our experimentation with new formats such as ‘Lead Forms’ in Meta Ads generated prospects from an industry that hadn’t been previously targeted and weren’t included on existing email distribution lists. 


Whether we’re considering investment in new platforms, or creating new marketing campaigns, our decisions will be data-led by our audience intelligence. 

The work we undertook allowed us to: 

  • React quickly to changes in performance, referring back to our profiles to create a plan of action.
  • Identify seasonal patterns, knowing how our audience behaves at certain times of year.
  • Create successful Paid Media campaigns by promoting the most valuable USPs and using social proof to validate.
  • Experiment with different campaign types, including Meta Lead Forms. We discovered that not everyone we were targeting was ready to commit to booking a demo, so we gave them alternative ways to get in touch with the team to find out more about Framepoint®. This helped us exceed our target during a traditionally quiet period in the summer.
  • The emergence of Office Olivia as a primary profile also led to the team creating an offline PR campaign with her needs in mind.
  • Surface product development insights, which was an unexpected benefit of our work. Tommy Trinder organised an internal strategy day to listen to our customer interviews and brainstorm app enhancements for Framepoint®.

The results speak for themselves:

Demo bookings were in decline prior to carrying out audience research. During the last 12 months that trend has been reversed, and we’ve seen:

  • 21% YoY increase in Framepoint® subscribers
  • 34% YoY increase in demo bookings
  • 9% YoY increase in conversion rate (demo bookings to subscriptions)

* January to December 2023 versus previous year

SiteVisibility’s rigorous, data-lead approach has help us cut through the noise and engage with the right audiences, at the right time. The result – a full diary of quality appointments for our sales team. Very impressed!
Chris Brunsdon - Founder & CEO @ Tommy Trinder.Com Ltd.

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