Growing Electric Vehicle Revenue via Organic Search for Electrical2Go

Electrical2Go & SiteVisibility EV Case Study
“The standard of support our company has received during our recent website revamp has been second to none, and the fantastic revenue figures are further proof of the successful partnership we share.

The continued increase in revenue year on year is testament to their hard work and diligence as a team. We’re over the moon with how SiteVisibility has helped our business grow both traffic and revenue whilst ensuring the highest standard of user experience on our ecommerce website. The whole team are a pleasure to work with.”
Natalie Bridger, Content & SEO Manager, Electrical2Go

Learn How We Made Over £50k of Organic Search Product Revenue for Electric Vehicle Chargers for Electrical2Go

The Challenge

In Autumn 2020, Electrical2Go identified they were beginning to gain more interest and enquiries from customers for products related to electric vehicle charging, for both home and commercial installations. Together, we anticipated the demand for EV charging products was only going to increase and devised a proposal to significantly grow the EV category.

Although we had the ultimate goal in mind of increasing sales of EV chargers, we first had to understand the scale of the opportunity and the required investment. 

As such, we undertook preliminary research to identify search volumes, key competitors, content themes, and the required tactics. 

Before our work, a single Product Lister Page (PLP) existed, but had never been optimised and Electrical2Go had never sold an EV charger via the Organic Search channel. 

We determined that the most likely way to increase Organic Search revenue would be through content marketing and by creating an informational content hub, consisting of guides and FAQs, as well as expanding the EV Charger category through additional subcategory PLPs. 

Our research also uncovered several popular EV charger brands that we recommended Electrical2Go began to stock.

How did we do it?

  • Researched and identified relevant search themes
  • Identified in-demand EV Charger brands for Electrical2Go to stock and create brand pages for
  • Created 7 new subcategory pages
  • Created 5 informational landing pages
  • Created 7 brand landing pages 

The Results 

As a result of our activity, within 14 months, the Electric Car Charger category grew from nothing to achieving:

  • 18,357 Organic Sessions, representing 4% of total Organic Search sessions for the period.
  • 15,964 Users, representing 5% of total Organic Search users for the period
  • 237 Transactions,  representing 3% of total Organic Search transactions for the period.
  • £55,556 Product Revenue, representing 5% of total Organic Search product revenue for the period.

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