Case Study: A Robust Migration Plan increased Organic Search Product Revenue by +34%


Overview of our Partnership 

Electrical2Go is a UK wholesaler of electrical goods, whose products are primarily for tradespeople in need of competitively priced items that meet the needs of their clients.

We started working with Electrical2Go several years ago on Organic Search, after they’d been through a website migration that resulted in many product-revenue-driving subcategory pages being removed and Organic Search performance being significantly hampered as a result. 

So, when it became clear a migration was required to create a site that met the needs of their growing customer base, we developed and executed a thorough plan to ensure:

  • Indexation and visibility in the Organic Search results were maintained
  • The site’s usability and information were improved
  • Data was maintained throughout the switch from the old to the new site
  • The performance of the site was measured, so we could identify how much of an improvement the new one was on the old

Organic Search Results included:

  • +34% YoY product revenue increase, from £63.4K to £85.2K

Our Approach: A Measured Plan

We set two migration targets to measure how much risk we could mitigate to Organic Search performance:

  • A return to pre-migration monthly session volumes within 6 weeks of the migration
  • A return to pre-migration product revenue volumes within 6 weeks of the migration

*Pre-migration volumes were defined as an average of the 12 months prior to the migration.

With the targets set, we focused our plan on the 3 key stages of a website migration: Pre-launch, launch day and post-launch. 

These entailed assessments that ensured the following best practice elements were in place:

  • SEO – URLs retained their structure, internal links worked, and the robots.txt and XML sitemap were updated 
  • Content – metadata, body copy and images were migrated correctly
  • Usability – wireframes and prototypes aligned with findings from our behavioural analysis, A/B experiments, and customer surveys
  • Core Web Vitals – the site had an optimal page load speed and users could easily interact with its functionality
  • Compliance – the chosen Consent Management Platform (CMP) only set cookies according to users’ preferences
  • Tracking – all data was recording correctly, including hardcoded tracking that had been migrated to Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Recommendations from the Assessments included:

  • Implementing 301 redirects
  • Fixing internal links
  • Removing duplicate pages 
  • Updating product pages based on results from our A/B testing
  • Improvements to the UX of the site 
  • Implementing Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics


Once implemented, our recommendations enabled Electrical2Go to have:

  • Returned to pre-migration sessions volumes 2 weeks ahead of schedule
  • Returned to pre-migration product revenue volumes 3 weeks ahead of schedule
  • A +34% YoY product revenue** increase, from £63.4K to £85.2K
  • A GDPR-compliant site
  • Maintained data collection throughout the launch, so we could ascertain that the new site outperformed the old one

**Product revenue: Unlike ‘revenue’, this metric excludes shipping costs and VAT. For Electrical2Go, it’s a better reflection of how their business is performing.

SiteVisibility was instrumental in our migration’s success. They ensured our new site followed SEO best practice, and had the content and features that met our customers’ needs. Tracking was maintained, which meant data accuracy was upheld. We also had clear targets, so we could measure the new site’s success.
Natalie Bridger, Website Manager, Electrical2Go

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