Migrating a Blended Learning Specialist to a New Era of Marketing


Our Client

Our client (who’d like to remain anonymised) is a leading specialist in blended learning within the health and social care sector. 

The Brief

Going into 2021, our client had hosted the same website for ~5 years. 

They wanted to modernise their website and use it as a platform to kickstart their marketing sophistication. It was important to the client that they retained their existing levels of traffic and leads post-migration.

This migration was complex and high-risk as it involved:

  • A CMS migration from a custom-build to WordPress
  • Upgrading to HTTPS from HTTP
  • A complete design overhaul
  • Changes to site hierarchy and URL structure
  • Large-scale copy changes
  • A server migration

In addition, we needed to make the new website GDPR-compliant and update the client’s analytics governance and architecture.

Activity Timeline

Here is the timeline of our migration activity across 2021 & 2022: 




Client Testimonial

SiteVisibility gave us exactly what we needed. We wanted to launch a new website with minimal impact on our traffic and leads, and that's exactly what happened. We exceeded our migration targets earlier than expected, and have been able to quickly move on to focusing on our marketing plans for 2023

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