Building and launching your website is just the beginning of your business’ online journey. Because search engines want to deliver the best possible experience to users, they have plenty of very specific requirements which, if ignored, leave your website and online business at the bottom of the pile.

That’s where SiteVisibility’s SEO tests and tools come in. As technical SEO experts with over a decade in the game, we make sure our clients’ sites are technically optimised and we consistently capitalise on search engine updates to ensure that our clients can take a proactive approach to their digital marketing campaigns. Our SEO site checker knows its 404s from its 301s and we intrinsically understand the importance of avoiding poor content and unoptimised SEO meta tags from a technical standpoint.

Whether you’ve never performed a full audit of your website or you’re wondering if it’s time for a tune-up, we provide services that deliver great results, better search visibility and an awesome experience for your visitors.

“SiteVisibility took the time to understand the wider business and uniqueness of the venue. I believe that this helped to lay the foundations of a solid ongoing search strategy”Rob Spaul, Marketing Exec, 1 Wimpole Street

Strengthen your site with a Technical SEO Audit

Whether your site was built by a small team or a development giant, critical technical SEO factors like canonical links and duplicate content need to be considered at all times and, sadly, are very often missed in website optimisation.

An SEO audit from SiteVisibility will feature a technical SEO checklist and uncover issues behind the scenes that are preventing your site reaching the optimum audience in organic search. We won’t just leave you with a huge swathe of data, though! You’ll get full insights and recommendations for implementing fixes so that you get peace of mind that your site is ready for peak performance. Don’t have the time or resources to implement fixes in-house? Get in touch; we’ll be more than happy to help.

Keep your site ship-shape with a Technical SEO Review

The best websites are constantly evolving, with new features, sections and optimised, on-page content to please search engines and audiences alike. But the more things change, the more errors can creep in. That’s why we recommend a regular SEO health check to uncover any critical issues, such as 301 redirects and Google penalties, that might be limiting traffic to your site or restricting its success in search marketing.

Our unique, proprietary Technical SEO Review tool uses powerful SEO tests and tools to take a snapshot of the most critical elements that affect your site’s performance in search, and includes simple graphs and percentage calculations that make it easy for you to understand the severity of any identified issues.

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