#361: Is Technical SEO Just Makeup? Interview with Clayburn Griffin.

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How can you compare the technical SEO role to makeup? That’s what Andy and Clayburn Griffin, who talks to us from New York, discuss in this episode. It’s a topic that Clayburn wrote about a few months back that caused a bit of uproar among tech seo’s. Clayburn said that people use make up to look more attractive and that it’s the same for your website.  That sites use technical SEO to look more attractive to search engines, but at some point it stops and there is nothing more that can be done; that’s when you have to use other methods to increase your website’s attractiveness. Using this example, Clayburn talks to Andy and gives insider advice as well as tips for how to keep a good balance between technical and non-technical SEO in your approach.

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The Role Technical SEO Should Play: It’s Makeup

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