Attracting Links – Dave Peiris (@sharkseo) #brightonseo

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In this presentation Dave Peiris aka Shark SEO spoke about attracting links by creating useful content.

Shark SEO

He spoke about using webaps such as hackerbuddy, and how they can be useful as part of your SEO strategy. Two of the best reasons that Dave gave for using them were that they can give strong links and the fact that they are great for branding. The others can be seen in the video.

He also spoke about how he has found creating useful content such as aps to be a learning process and one that you cannot get right every time. He gave us some of the lessons that he has learned through this process which again can be seen in the video.

His also gave us his tips for getting started creating linkbait, and these can also be seen in these videos.

Photo used courtesy of @StormyDog on Flickr

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