brightonSEO Slides April 2022

BrightonSEO Slides April 2022

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BrightonSEO was back again on the 7th and 8th April, and as is now customary, we’re collating each of the speaker’s slides from the conference, right here on the blog below.  

If you couldn’t make it to the event yourself, missed out on some of the talks, or just want to recap some of the awesome marketing tips and advice shared, we’re here to help!

So, in alphabetical order, here are the slides from the April 2022 BrightonSEO conference.

You’ll notice that we have’t quite collated them all yet, so if you have any you’d like us to add, please send me an email and I’ll make sure to get them added.

BrightonSEO Slides:

AI and Martech as a game changer to empower SEO strategy – Omar Odino & Diana Avelar

An Introduction to Advanced Schema Auditing – Beth Barnham

Assessing Remote Talent to Scale Up SEO Success – Begum Kaya

Automate the technical SEO stuff – Michael Van Den Reym

Avoiding the pitfalls of international SEO – Kunal Popat

Beyond the Basics – 5 (or 10) Google Business Profile elements you might not know about but REALLY should – Claire Carlile

Brand Vs. SEO – How to win allies and influence brand guardians – Becky Simms

Content readability for SEO – Emily Hill

Dealing with roadblocks in technical SEO deployment – Rasida Begum

Don’t be a cannibal: Identifying and avoiding keyword cannibalization – Limor Barenholtz

Driving ecommerce growth with dynamic SEO – Adam Freeman & Sam Pennington

Drowning in content? How to tackle ‘digital hoarding’ – Adrian Imms

DuckDuckGo – Privacy and the Future of Search – Nate Burke

E-A-T: have we been looking at it backwards? – Edward Ziubrzynski

Effective zero-volume keyword research and why it’s important – Mark Williams-Cook

Entity Search 2.0 – Benu Aggarwal

Explode your agency growth: be more YOU – Nicole Osborne

Fighting ad fatigue for paid social by using storytelling – Sarah Sal

Freddy Krueger’s Guide to Scary Good Reporting – Greg Gifford

FRIDAY KEYNOTE: Compassion, confidence and giving a few less f*cks – Kirsty Hulse

Goodbye SEO F*ck ups! Learn to set an SEO Quality Assurance Framework – Aleyda Solis

Google Shopping: How To 2x Your ROAS in 2022 – Duane Brown

Google, Cybersecurity and You – Chris Spann

How do you optimise the world’s largest website? – Dan Morehead

How Google´s MUM will change SEO and PPC Optimization – Veronika Höller

How PPC Ad Fraud is also harming your SEO – Stewart Boutcher

How they teach you to be creative at Google – Max Hoppy

How To Ace Your Team Onboarding Strategy – Dhriti Shashikanth

How to Be the Ultimate Double Agent: PR and Link BuilderIsa Lavahun

How to build your own crawler, and why you should give it a try – Jess Peck

How to cheat Facebook into giving you better CPMs – Claire Stanley-Manock

How to create genuinely compelling content for your customers – Corrie Jones

How to determine search intent for a B2B audience – Adriana Stein

How to do an ASO Audit like in the 90’s – Luis Bueno Tabernero

How to do Comprehensive Research for Your Topic Cluster – Chima Mmeje

How to EAT Links – Dixon Jones

How to get buy in (and £$ too!) from your management, with an ROI driven organic content strategy – Azeem Ahmad

How to go after the long tail keywords (and why it matters!) – Paola Didone

How to go viral on a budget – Alex Hickson

How to improve Core Web Vitals on a WordPress website – Louise Towler

How to Improve Crawling and Indexing with User-Friendly Log File Insights – Steven van Vessum

How to Incorporate Machine Learning in Your Internal Linking Audit – Lazarina Stoy

How to launch a NEW product successfully on Amazon – Prabhat Shah

How to leverage SEO and other channels to expand into Chinese market on a limited budget – Grace Wei Hou

How to Leverage SEO When Your Brand Site Doesn’t Actually Sell Anything – Jake Gauntley

How to take care of yourself when researching/writing about difficult topics – Kat Nicholls

How to Use Search Intent to Dominate Google Discover – Felipe Bazon

How we scaled our content ops from 4 to 40 posts a month in under 2 months – Emilia Korczynska

Hreflang tags: everything you need to know to start implementing them – Sara Moccand-Sayegh

I’m back pitches! Returning to your digital marketing career after having a baby/taking a break – Lanie Bayliss

Implement Digital PR into your SEO strategy before it’s too late – Maciej Wroblewski

IndexNow – A paradigm shift in the search industry. – Shweti Prabhu

Is your site accessible? No? Why the f*ck not? – Billie Geena Hyde

Lessons from hundreds of SEO A/B tests – Will Critchlow

Localisation: Expectations versus reality – Laura Green

Making your social media accessible for those with disabilities and learning differences – Ellen Cole

Managing Expectations with ‘Impossible Keywords’ – Jessica Maloney

Master Crawl Budget Optimization for Enterprise Websites – Manick Bhan

Mastering robots.txt: SEO insights by an ex-Google engineer – Fili Wiese

Menstrual Health in SEO – Chloe Smith

No more excuses: How to get your team doing UX as a part of your Digital Marketing now – Grecia Garcia Garcia, PhD

Not Just Pride Month: Crafting LGBTQ+-Inclusive Campaigns Year Round – Ian Helms

Pain vs Performance – The influence of digital PR on our mental wellbeing – Jane Hunt

Product, Service and Category Page Links (and how to get them) – Rebecca Moss

Purpose-driven SEO: An Authority-Based Approach that Google Loves – Dale Bertrand

Python For SEO specialists and Content Marketing – Hand in Hand in 2022 – Dido Grigorov

Red Light, Green Light: Interviewing for SEO Roles – Jen Penaluna

Revolutionising SEO Performance: automation and AI as business accelerators – Jane Reeve

Running business around a 2 year old – lessons learned from mum/business owner life – Izabela Wisniewska

Search in the Metaverse – Kara Thurkettle

SEO at Scale, the product-led approach to grow a brand organically – Nitin Manchanda

SEO Automation using GPT3 and Transformer based language models – Andrea Volpini

SEO Automation Without Using Hard Code – T. Mert Azizoğlu

SEO challenges and wins for small and big businesses – Nadia Mojahed

SEO gap analysis: Use your competitors’ data to drive strategic growth – Lidia Infante

SEO in a Sustainable Future – Eilish Hughes

SEO Reporting: Slay the Time-Sucking Monster and Deliver Amazing Reports – Simon Lesser

SEO Strategy c/o Gareth Southgate – My Football Inspired SEO Target Setting Framework – Martin McGarry

SEO Strategy: Where The F**K Do I Even Start? – Sophie Brannon

SEO tool overload 😱… Google Data Studio to the rescue! – Nils De Moor

Small Tasks Make Big Changes – Shmulik Dorinbaum

Stat packages: the secret recipe to getting SEO implemented – Harry Sumner

Staying Sane: How To Prioritise & Manage Your Mental Health As An SEO – Charlotte McIntyre

Stoicism in Digital – Alex Wright

Switching a domain 3 months before an IPO (What it takes to pull off a high stakes domain migration) – Lucia Lecesne

Technical SEO on the Jamstack – Zahid Mahmood

Technical SEO QA: shining a light on invisible work – Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa & Myriam Jessier

The Big SEO Migration – learnings from a first time hiker – Rene Harris

The content & buyer show: let’s map – Rejoice Ojiaku

The Full Scoop on Google’s Title Rewrites – Mordy Oberstein

The Hidden Gems of Low Search Volume – Liraz Postan

The hidden power of the SERP – Jonathan Earnshaw

The Secret Life of Queries: Parsing, Rewriting, and SEO – Rebecca Berbel Koray Tugberk Gübür

The top overlooked data points that add value to site audits – Mickaël Serantes

The uncomfortable truth about link building and what you can do about it… – Aaron Rudman-Hawkins

THURSDAY KEYNOTE: Strategy v tactics – which is more importanterer – Andi Jarvis

Total search: Aligning SEO & PPC to advance search effectiveness – Elena Francesca Doni

& Charlie Nock

Transitioning into people management – Kim Dewe

Using Digital PR Strategies To Widen Your Target Audience – Maddie Davies

Using Search Intent in Your Link Building Efforts – Chris Czermak

Web design for People and Planet – Tom Greenwood

Website migration best practice – Sukhjinder Singh

What to do when what’s good for users isn’t good for Google – Will Critchlow

What you really ought to know before you hire an apprentice! – Maddie Crawford

Why Scaling (Great) Content Is Bloody Hard – Joshua Hardwick

Why Security is the New Go Faster Stripe – Crystal Carter

Win the SERPs: A story of SERP Feature trends by industry, keyword and device – Gerald Murphy

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