Brighton SEO September 2014 – some of the best bits

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Last week we were lucky enough to attend Brighton SEO and watch some highly knowledgeable experts do their thing and share their genius to ensure that everyone stays on top of their game. We thought we’d share our roundup of some of the best talks from the day and the key takeaway points.

How to Leverage Content Curation in SEO – Aleyda Solis (@aleyda)Aleyda-Solis-SEO-Internacional-e1402452629637

Aleyda Solis is an SEO consultant and entrepreneur with heaps of experience practicing SEO around the world. She presented a fascinating and informative session on how to leverage content curation and build links. She gave us loads of handy tips on how to discover and gather content ideas surrounding a specific subject matter.

Take home point: Good curation is not just reusing content; good curation adds value for consumers.

Check out her presentation for some valuable insight into creating valuable content.


Creativity and Thinking Skills can Dramatically Improve Your Online Marketing – Shelli Walsh (@shelliwalsh)shelli-walsh

With over 18 years creative, marketing and business experience, Shelli certainly knows a thing or two about how to develop and action creative ideas and content strategies. A reserved yet charismatic speaker, she gave an illuminating talk on how to make the most of your creative side and cultivate ideas.

Take home point: Be insatiably curious and forever ask questions.

Be sure to check out her presentation to develop your creative streak.


Effective Visits – why they are more important than visits – Lukasz Zelezny (@LukaszZelezny)lukazs-e1403677459468

Head of Organic Acquisition at, Lukasz is responsible for the brand’s organic visibility, conversion rate, traffic and engagement. He therefore delivered an entertaining presentation on the importance of tracking effective visits over organic visits as it represents the quality of traffic a page is receiving and its value. He also listed a number of great tools to monitor this and turn your data into actionable processes.

Take home point: For predictable verticals use year on year comparison rather than month on month.

Have a look at his presentation for some great insight into organic search.


72% of Internet Users Don’t Speak English: International Outreach – Gisele Navarro (@ichbinGisele)gisele-navarro-e1404701284309

Gisele Navarro is the Head of Outreach at NeoMam Studios and has developed successful outreach strategies for clients ranging from The United Nations to Macy’s. In our ever increasingly globalised society, international outreach is something that we will need to do more and more. She gave us some top tips for ensuring that your international outreach is successful.

Take home points: Outreach in English. Start with your best performing content in English, and don’t translate, interpret.


Advertising Analysis. Beyond the Numbers – Alexandra Tachalova (@AlexTachalova)alexandra.tachalova_1393163386_08-e1407232829632

Alexandra is the Corporate Communication and Brand Manager for SEMrush and has a particular interest in customer relationship management and search engine marketing. At BrightonSEO she delved into the world of emotional triggers in ad copy, and by looking at the stats, she analysed the most effective terms for paid ads to improve click through rate.

Take home point: Using the phrase ‘now’ in ad copy has shown to have the highest impact on CTR.

Have a look at all the great stats she’s identified in her presentation.


For the final session all of the day’s speakers got on stage to share their top SEO tips. It was a great way to finish the day and gave everybody some ideas that they can implement easily when they get back to the office. Check out the video below.


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