Click Here for 50,000 Free Dofollow Links from a PR9 Domain

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You might be expecting to get let down by such a spamtastic blog post title but I will really show you how to get thousands (actually unlimited) links from a PR9 domain. However this post isn’t really about a stupid link trick, it’s about the inherent flaws in all types of quantitative link data research. But you’re probably not going to read down that far anyway so don’t worry!

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Sweet links dude!

At a panel we did for the DPA conference yesterday I mentioned it was possible to get dofollow links from Facebook pages or profiles. This has been possible for a fair while using numerous Facebook apps but as soon as slightly backdoor tactics to get links from prominent sites start getting talked about at conferences or showing up on Seomoz you know they’re not going to last long anyway. We’ve seen this lately with Twitter closing out dofollow links through applications and more recently Dave Naylor’s Flickr comment trick getting ‘fixed’

So here’s what you need to do to get your 50,000 free links:

  1. Get yourself a new Facebook page here
  2. Install the HTML profile box app Static FBML app
  3. Add a block of links to the html box using your anchor text. You can deep link to as many pages as you like here, for the sake of argument lets say you add 25 links (you could link to as many sites as you want here not just pages within the same site)
  4. Now once that page gets indexed you’ll have 25 dofollow links, great but how do I get 50,000 I hear you cry!

  5. Now all you need to do is create lots and lots of Facebook pages for Google to crawl, don’t worry you don’t have to create new business pages for each one because Google’s going to crawl every wall post (status update) you make as a new page, just check out the index for the coke facebook page . Go ahead and plug each of your keywords into your status box one by one.
  6. To create an individual page for each status update you’ll then need to leave a comment on your own status update, here’s what that might look like:
  7. Facebook banking jobs jobs in banking 1256294714075 Click Here for 50,000 Free Dofollow Links from a PR9 Domain

    Your links will be placed on awesome contextually relevant pages like this:-)

  8. The cool thing about this is not only do you get lots of pages, the page title of each page you create will use the keywords you put into your status message.
  9. title Click Here for 50,000 Free Dofollow Links from a PR9 Domain

    Unique, keyword rich page titles on all your linking pages

  10. Now go ahead and repeat this page creation process as many times as you like. For each status update page you create you’re actually creating however many links you added to your sidebar in step 3. So if you added 25 links then do 500 status updates you’ve created 12,500 dofollow inbound links, not bad for an hours work right?
  11. But wait the fun doesn’t stop there, because Facebook can translate your page into 67 languages and duplicate your pages (and links) across stacks of subdomains like, your pages are going to self replicate and before you know it your 12,500 links are going to become 50,000+.

I know what you’re thinking, Google ain’t going to count all these links are they?

Well yes and no…

In the sense of rankings, PageRank, authority or anything that actually matters – no these links probably won’t help your site.

But in the sense that  Google will report the links in webmaster tools and they’ll probably also show up in public data sources like YSE and Majestic or whatever yard stick you use to gage your link popularity your data is going to be skewed. Yes they do ‘count’

links Click Here for 50,000 Free Dofollow Links from a PR9 Domain

All these facebook links will show up in webmaster tools

On a practical level you could use a technique like this to hide your link data and make it harder for competitors to drill into your backlinks and find your most valuable links. This should also help lead your rivals down the wrong path with their own link building-

“Holy crap has got 100,000 backlinks, we’re going to need 200,000 backlinks and fast. Where’s the number for that Indian directory submission company”

Now for the serious stuff

You probably shouldn’t use the technique described above. The most likely result is Facebook will delete your page and block your account within hours if you try. But these exploits are all around. Virtually any UGC site can be hacked around with to create links, blog platforms like and blogspot being the most obvious and often exploited examples.

With raw link data being so easy to manipulate my question is what value do link measurement tools really have?

Think about the ways you might use quantitative data to asses the quality of a page when doing link research.

PageRank – Can be brought, faked or cyphened off link networks with little or no skill involved. Soon to be redundant?

Inbound links – Really easy to manipulate i.e. the Facebook example above

Linking domain diversity – Easy to fake by hosting your content over subdomains

Linking root domains – Better, but still easy to manipulate with low quality bulk link building (bulk link directories, automated link exchange, cheap paid links, comment spam etc)

Bespoke link measurement tools i.e. linkscape – Essentially flawed by virtue of the fact they really just composite the above data.

The point I’m getting at is that knowing a site has a PR7, 50,000 backlinks, MozRank whatever is worth nothing without the most valuable tool in your link building arsenal – human beings.

The SEO industry has tried and failed for years to make link building easy, and most link quality measurements are geared up to support this construct. To a link research tool the types of links you get through a program like inlinks look amazing. High PR, lots of linking domains, dofollow, in-content. Its only when you visit the blog for yourself and discover its a garbage paid link in a blog post which has be written by an article spinner that you see its true value- the quantitative data lied to you.

To get good links which stand the test of time you need awesome content, powerful PR, real world business relationships and time sucking, manual link research and outreach work. Quantitative data can help you work more efficiently but measuring the success or strength of your site in terms of any link based metric is only going to give you half the story.

How do you measure the strength of your backlink profile?

pixel Click Here for 50,000 Free Dofollow Links from a PR9 Domain