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Joe Joe Burford works as a Digital Marketing Manager - overseeing and managing various SEO campaigns. Keen photographer and educated videographer, with experience in directing and presenting company and tourism films. Also once appeared in Eastenders. Follow @newsdigi or @jhjburf

Introducing One of Our New Team Members

Posted by in Working In Search on January 21st, 2013 0 Comments

joe burford 1024x951 Introducing One of Our New Team Members

Having been a part of the SiteVisibility team for just under a month now I am well overdue a blog-post in order to introduce myself. So, hello, my name’s Joe Burford, and I’m a Digital Marketing Manager. I have a background in marketing and sales which includes design, video and most forms of digital media.

My experience and interest in all aspects of digital has always big a major factor in my work, and it’s played an integral part of campaign strategy. I think that SiteVis has as great reputation, but more importantly, I value innovation, transparency and hard-work so I am happy to have joined this team.


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