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When it comes to PR (Public Relations), people often ask what the difference between online PR and traditional PR is. In truth, there isn’t much difference. Online PR (or Digital PR as it’s sometimes known) simply involves activities geared towards influencing media, communities and audiences using your online channels rather than through traditional printed media. As such, there are many benefits of undertaking online PR services for your business or brand. If PR is done correctly, it can impact significantly on:

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic to a company’s site
  • Improved rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
  • Organic search (SEO) success

Whether your simply looking to gain coverage in the press or find yourself in a difficult situation and want to undertake reputation management, we currently offer a range of online PR services that can be delivered separately or as part of an integrated campaign depending on your business objectives or budget.

Get the Right Message to the Right Audience

When it comes to outreach, we have a wealth of experience. We have a media database with journalists from around the globe and can help you to build relationships with them. We’ll research and contact relevant and high authority sites, media outlets and bloggers to generate coverage and links back to your site. Using our expertise and knowledge of effective online PR strategy we are able to pitch your content to your target audience and maximise the impact of your communications message.

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How can we help you?

As an integrated marketing agency we are able to manage your public relations across all of your social media platforms and if you choose an integrated campaign, we’ll ensure that social media marketing forms a significant part of your SEO campaign. Depending on your budget and objectives, we can create content, incorporate outreach to your target audience, work for placements in relevant online media outlets or manage your reputation online.

Our Online PR Services include:

  • Content research and creation
  • Influencer identification and relationship building
  • Online press and media relations
  • Community management
  • Event Management
  • Online reputation management

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