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Katie Swan from Speed PR was in the SiteVisibility Offices last week to learn and share knowledge. She wrote this blog post about her experience here with us.

Online content is being generated at a staggering rate, so just how do you make your company stand out from the crowd? I’ve spent the week at SiteVisibility, to find out more about SEO as part of a skills exchange programme between SiteVisibility and Speed Communications.

As a PR, I’m all too aware of the increasing shift to online media content; an increasing number of people are turning to online news sites, blogs and social networks for their daily news fix rather than relying on the paper. This content remains online long after it has been written – what do you want people to find for your company when they search online?

One thing I have learnt this week is that a lot that goes into planning an SEO campaign. But a key thing to take away for any on-going PR strategy is how to utilise online coverage and content in a company’s overall digital strategy.

PRs generate content for company news pages, corporate blogs as well as any social media profiles. It’s essential that each of these include the correct keyword phrases and anchor text to drive traffic back to the company website, especially if this content is syndicated elsewhere. PR companies need to be clear what keyword phrases the SEO agency is working to in order to maximise SEO.

Linking building is one of the key ways to drive more traffic to your website and something that can easily be implemented in any PR campaign. Some things to bear in mind when doing online outreach:

  • Include keywords and links to the company website in relevant (!) tweets, Facebook posts and Linkedin updates
  • Get in touch with bloggers or publications that do guest posts and you can include a back link to your company website
  • Generate content that people will want to link back to and drive traffic to your website – mix it up with some multimedia content and tools
  • Engage in online communities to raise awareness of your brand as well as get a clearer insight into your target audience
  • Return the favour and link back to other blogs and publications
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