Career Ready Case Study
“Site Visibility have played a major role in enabling Career Ready to implement an effective digital marketing strategy and make the most of our Google Non-Profit Grant. This has resulted in our organisation meeting key business objectives, specifically in regard to brand prominence in search results and, subsequently, volunteer recruitment”Tom Rippon - Communications Manager

About The Client

Career Ready connect employers with schools & colleges to provide young people aged 14-18 with mentors, internships, masterclasses, and employer-led activities that prepare them for the world of work.


Career Ready had qualified for a Google Ads Grant for non-profits and although they wanted to run their account, they didn’t have the in-house resource to create and configure the account or to ensure the account remained compliant with the Google Ad Grant guidelines.

As such, Career Ready came to us in August 2018 with the brief of creating a Google Ads account and using the grant to target people interested in becoming a mentor or a volunteer.

Since creating the account last year, we’ve been supporting them with optimisation and recommendations on the account as well as ensuring that the account continuously adheres with Google’s Ad Grant guidelines.

As a result of our management, Career Ready’s Google Ads Grant has remained live for over 12 months.


Career Ready has a mission that by 2021, they are aiming to get 90,000 young people across the UK, provided with the workplace skills and experiences needed to kickstart rewarding futures.

They were awarded a Google Ads grant in 2018 to help them with their mission but had very little capacity in-house to set up and monitor their Google Ads account or to optimise for conversions.

The Google Grant guidelines clearly stated compliancy rules for the account to remain live, budget can only be used for Search campaigns, and there was a bid cap of $2 per keyword.

As such, they needed support but didn’t have any budget to pay for an agency or freelancers time.

“Their account management team have provided first-rate support whenever issues have arisen across our Google platforms and provided fantastic learning and support resources to our wider team.” Tom Rippon - Communications Manager

How We Helped

At SiteVisibility, we’re passionate about CSR and have a strong track record of supporting young people in the local community. As a partner of Brighton Aldridge Community Academy, we have provided local students with work experience and skill development opportunities, including a 3-month work experience programme for alumni of Eastbourne College.

We were motivated to work with Career Ready because of their commitment to ensuring that by 2021, 90,000 young people across the UK, are provided with the workplace skills and experiences needed to kickstart rewarding futures. This aligns with our own CSR plan and our CEO’s interests and so we were happy to provide them with some of our time each month for free.

In September 2018, we launched the Google Ads account for Career Ready and have since helped by monitoring and making recommendations for their volunteer and mentor campaigns.

As part of our monitoring, we notified Career Ready whenever their account wasn’t compliant with Google Programme Policies and provided a speedy resolution. We have also helped them with solutions and recommendations to overcome barriers such as:

  • Single word keywords
  • Low quality scores (below 3)
  • Making sure they had at least 3 ads per ad group
  • Improving 5% click through rate
  • Sitelink extensions
  • Conversion tracking
  • Geo-targeting

We’ve also created automated rules within Google Ads to ensure that the account remained compliant. This included automatically pausing any campaigns with a quality score of 3 or lower, as this is one of the criteria for a Google Ad Grant account to remain live.

More recently we’ve developed our relationship with Career Ready by offering Measurement & Insight support, with the aim of improving their conversion tracking, a necessary requirement to help them to move beyond the default $2 bid cap.

The Results

As a result of our continued support, Career Ready’s Google Ads Grant for Non-Profits account has remained active for over 12 months. We’ve increased traffic to their volunteer and mentor landing pages and we’re now supporting them with conversion tracking to further improve their marketing intelligence.

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