“The Digital PR and Paid Social Media strategy from SiteVisibility has delivered a significant boost to our brand awareness and organic traffic. We greatly value their strategic counsel and coercion to step outside of our comfort zone, underpinned by a strong sense of teamwork and customer service” Emily Hendin - Marketing & Community Engagement Director - CPJ Field

About CPJ Field

CPJ Field is a family run funeral directors with a history stretching back to the late 1600s. The Field family take pride in helping bereaved families with all funeral arrangements and have arranged funerals for both monarchs and national heroes.

Executive Summary

In an extremely challenging sector, SiteVisibility helped CPJ Field to increase brand awareness and organic traffic through a collaborative multi-media project alongside CPJ Field’s PR agency. The project encompassed a bold paid social campaign and represented a step change for the industry. SiteVisibility encouraged CPJ Field to step out of their comfort zone and undertake something completely unique and different within the funeral industry. Together, our aim was to open up the conversation about death and “tackle the taboo”.

The campaign reached over 400,000 people and generated a 281% increase in organic traffic for CPJ Field.

Digital Growth Challenge

CPJ Field and the funeral industry as a whole, offers a unique challenge in generating engagement with their audience due to the subject of death being uncomfortable, with the majority of people often reluctant to discuss topics that are emotive or upsetting, especially on social media. As such, SiteVisibility faced a tough challenge in generating a high volume of genuine engagement at a low cost for CPJ Field.

Insight Driven Multi-Media Strategy

Research Project & Integrated Approach

SiteVisibility developed the idea of exploring people’s attitudes toward death in a digital society and collaborated with CPJ Field’s PR agency to research topics surrounding death and mourning as well as the impact that digital and changing technologies have had in respect of social media.
Following the research, a whitepaper covering funeral wishes, regrets in life and memorialisation was written. In order to generate engagement with the whitepaper, SiteVisibility created an integrated marketing strategy focussed on social media marketing and outreach to the target demographic.
SiteVisibility then conducted a social listening project to identify an appropriate hashtag to fit the campaign and its core message – something that reflected the fact that people don’t like to talk about death – #tacklethetaboo.

During our research around the topic of death, we also found there to be a lack of practical information in respect of what happens to your social media profiles once you pass away. A Digital Legacy guide was therefore created by SiteVisibility in order to support the research and provide actionable insights for people looking to understand how their digital footprint may change following their death. It also provided relevant account information for partners & those who would become the “digital heir” and what steps they could take to safeguard their social profiles. The Digital Legacy guide was also printed and distributed among all CPJ Field branches as a resource to support customers in a time of need.

“SiteVisibility encouraged us to take a bold step in terms of opening up the debate around a #taboo subject and took it mainstream, allowing us to engage with a far wider and more varied audience profile than was possible before.”Emily Hendin - Marketing & Community Engagement Director - CPJ Field


A landing page was created in order to host the whitepaper, the Digital Legacy Guide and to provide a hub of information about the campaign. In order to deliver our #tacklethetaboo message to the right people, we used a combination of data from our social listening activity and demographic information provided by CPJ Field’s PR agency. Targeted paid social campaigns on Facebook & Twitter were then set up and implemented by SiteVisibility using the hashtag #tacklethetaboo. All ads were split tested to maximize ROI as well as gain insights into the reactions of the topic being widely advertised. Ads were then amended and re-targeted on a fortnightly basis, in-line with the ongoing PR activity, to create continued engagement with the campaign.

Results and ROI

The average ROI for the media spend and time period was £0.14 per engagement/conversion, (visit to the dedicated landing page). This was impressive considering the nature of the campaign within an industry that doesn’t publicly embrace open conversation around the “taboo” topic of death.

Over 400,000 impressions were achieved in the first 6 weeks on Facebook and there were over 6,500 different pieces of engagement on Facebook & Twitter. E.g. re-tweets, shares and likes.

Working with the PR team, we created brand awareness and a significant increase in visits to the website. During the campaign the website benefitted from an uplift in overall sessions by 254% as well as an increase in organic traffic by 281%. On the back of the success of the campaign, “tacklethetaboo” has also been adopted by CPJ Field as the overall marketing campaign slogan for the year.


This advert was the best performing.

It generated over 2,692 engagements / clicks, reached 42,665 people and had an average of £0.04 CPC.

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