Skincare Experts Case Study


In 2016, we began working with one of the world’s leading skincare companies. They are a household name, having been in operation for over 130 years, and came to us with the objective of becoming known as “The Skincare Experts” online.

As such, we devised a campaign designed to improve the brand’s online visibility for non-branded informational keywords across 6 Northern European countries.

Following the creation of 141 pieces of information-based content covering key skincare topics, we were able to achieve an estimated +204% increase in organic traffic.

We also helped the client to achieve 3,772 new rankings for skincare related terms.

The Challenge

The client wanted to become known as “The Skincare Experts” online.

To achieve this, they wanted to maximise their exposure and online visibility around skincare and skincare related terms, starting in Northern Europe.

How We Helped

To position the client as experts and increase the client’s online visibility for skincare related topics, we identified the need to create new informational content for their Northern European websites and to optimise their existing content where necessary.

As with any content marketing campaign, we began by undertaking extensive keyword research. To do this, we used our proprietary in-house tool, the Keyword Opportunity Finder (KOF).

The KOF is a tool that contains detailed ranking data for a website and up to 10 competitors and at the blink of an eye, we can start finding the keywords that our clients and their competitors are ranking for, as well as the opportunities that our clients are missing.

After we had identified the client’s 10 competitors, we produced a KOF and we were quickly able to identify key skincare topic opportunities. We could then distinguish between the content that the client was currently ranking for, the content that needed to be further optimised, and the content opportunities that they were currently missing out on in comparison to their competitors.

With this knowledge, 141 pieces of informational content were created or optimised, covering all of the key topics that we’d identified.

This included topics such as:

  • Skincare
  • Sun Protection
  • Skin Types
  • Crème Care Cleansing

The Results

The content that we had produced and optimised was published across 2017 and 2018, and helped to achieve a +204 % estimated organic traffic growth over the two-year period from January 2016 to December 2018.

We also helped the client achieve 3,772 new rankings for skincare related terms.

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