Cats Protection Reporting Case Study (1)

Overview of Our Partnership

Cats Protection is the UK’s largest feline welfare charity, helping approximately 200,000 cats and kittens every year thanks to their network of >230 volunteer-run branches and >30 centres. 

They sought our expertise to address their reporting requirements. They wanted to be certain their campaigns and plans were based on the true needs of their supporters, not their assumed needs. Our design and configuration of two bespoke Data Studio reports demystified who their supporters are, based on how they find and behave on  

Our Approach: The Reporting Process

Our detailed requirement-gathering process allowed us to ascertain the decisions Cats Protection wanted and needed to be able to make based on the reports’ information. By also gleaning who the audiences would be, functionality preferences, and the likes and dislikes of past reports, we had a clear list of their requirements.

From there, we identified the questions the reports needed to answer, which highlighted the data and visualisations that would bring those answers to light.

Reports are only as good as the quality of the data in them. So, these reports benefited greatly from the Analytics Audit we conducted, which resulted in more meaningful and reliable data.

Organic Search

This first report gave deep insight into how this high-value channel was performing, and the areas of the site that SEO and content resources were best placed to focus on. These were identified through the report’s ability to answer questions like:

  • Are supporters’ expectations met by the site’s content, based on what was displayed to them in the Organic Search result listings?
  • Which topics resonate most and least with supporters?
  • Which queries and landing pages entice supporters to click through to the site?

Digital Marketing

Our second report focused on the two journeys that are fundamental to ensuring Cats Protection’s supporter base grows enough to allow them to help more cats and kittens each year:

  • A person starts with a need for cat welfare advice or services, and their journey culminates in them becoming an advocate and supporter of Cats Protection
  • A person navigates to donate, sponsor a cat, volunteer, and helps cats in one of the many ways Cats Protection offers

The journeys were able to be improved through the report’s ability to answer questions like:

  • Do supporters prefer downloadable or video content? 
  • Which types of events are people most interested in signing up for?
  • Which products generate the most donation revenue and has that changed over time?
  • When is the best time to launch the neutering campaign?


Cats Protection is now able to align its campaigns and plans with the needs of their supporters because they can identify:

  • Which fundraising pages and campaigns generate the most revenue
  • Preferred donation method and type
  • The landing pages that are most successful in persuading supporters to continue their journey
  • Top revenue-generating browsers and operating systems that should be prioritised in design change tests
  • Preferred content formats, e.g. videos
  • Resource topics that resonate most
  • How long Cats Protection has to engage supporters when they watch videos
  • Whether visibility for cat welfare advice is increasing
  • Preferred functionality on the site
  • The behaviour of people who have come to the site for help and advice
  • The locations with the highest adoption-desire rates, allowing media budgets to be increased in these areas
  • Experience pain points
  • The best days and times to launch campaigns
Nay and Ana completely understood our aims as an organisation and created reports completely bespoke to us that would incorporate our brand, marketing and income generation goals – as well as having plenty of data to help inform our campaigns in the future.
Rebecca Richardson, Digital Content Manager @ Cats Protection

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