SiteVisibility Electrical2Go Case Study

Closing out the 2nd year of our highly successful relationship with wholesale electrical retailer Electrical2Go, we’ve utilised a multi-disciplinary approach to:

  • Increase organic sessions by 34% YoY
  • Increase organic revenue by 38% YoY
  • Increase organic transactions by 28% YoY

Read on to find out exactly how we achieved these results or get in touch with us here to find out how we can help you with our digital marketing services. We’d love to help!

How we succeeded

Electrical2Go approached us in 2019 to help reverse the effects of a disastrous website migration which led to significant loss of organic visibility, traffic, and revenue. 

In the first year of our relationship, we successfully returned the site to pre-migration levels of traffic and revenue through a range of SEO and content tactics, underpinned by robust measurement. 

These included: 

  • SEO Audit
  • Migration recovery project
  • Removing redirect chains
  • Providing Internal linking recommendations
  • Site structure projects
  • Site speed improvements
  • Schema implementation
  • Content Audit
  • Category content creation and optimisation
  • Informational & brand page content creation

During the second year, after returning the site to best practice, and building on these foundations, we began to consistently increase organic traffic and revenue above our agreed targets and put Electrical2Go back in a position of growth. 

As a result, they made further budget available to us to capitalise on this momentum and we have expanded our activity with a content campaign focusing on Electric Vehicle Charging, a category opportunity project, a Core Web Vitals project, and increased focus on user experience and CRO.

Through these tactics, we hit our target to Increase UK Organic Search revenue by £54,000 (+7.37% YoY) 3 months ahead of schedule.


All campaigns have challenges and this was no different. To deliver these great results we had to overcome some of the following challenges:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic, and the subsequent lockdowns, had a significant impact on Electrical2Go, especially as their primary customer base is tradespeople who were unable to work in the beginning few weeks. The pandemic also forced the closure of their physical store for several weeks. 
  • The senior management at Electrical2Go had previous bad experience with SEO agencies, and we had to build their trust not only in us, but in digital marketing as a whole.

To overcome these challenges we:

  • Offered advice and support in updating their COVID-19 informational content offering, created and optimised categories for items such as PPE and signage, and provided support to the team at E2G to manage the situation.
  • Built trust with the E2G board, by continuously demonstrating excellent organic growth, and presenting detailed and reasoned planned activity road maps. We also provided monthly updates on the progress of our work.

What do Electrical2Go say about working with us?

We have been working closely with SiteVisibility for over 2 years now, and their involvement in our electrical wholesale site has been extremely worthwhile so far. We were looking for ways to boost conversions, to ensure our website was as user-friendly as possible, and as visible on search engines as much as humanly possible; they have assisted with this in a really positive and fruitful way. The results we have achieved following their assistance with our SEO and Content, have been really encouraging. Projects are tracked meticulously and this helps to keep our excellent progress from working together, on a straight and successful path.
Natalie Bridger, SEO & Content Manager @ Electrical2Go

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