Collagen Case Study


Find out how our Content & Creative services helped a Collagen Supplement Brand achieve the following impressive results within 6 months*:

  • Increased organic sessions by +1,126.1% YoY
  • Increased impressions by +140.4% YoY
  • Increased new orders by +28.1% YoY
  • Generated £82,950 in revenue (an increase of +24.7% YoY)
  • This works out at a whopping 360% ROI (£64,950)

    *April-September 2020

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About The Client

Our client is an award-winning collagen supplement brand. They came to SiteVisibility in December 2019 having experienced huge growth for the past two years and wanted to continue to grow the brand and increase their revenue, in an increasingly saturated market.

In light of this, as their digital marketing agency, we were tasked with increasing the number of sessions and new orders from Organic search.

Challenges We Faced

As the health and beauty benefits of collagen have become more widely known, the demand for collagen supplements has only increased.

With this, it has become a lucrative market and one that attracts the attention of many companies looking to invest and expand their offerings.

As these trends are only expected to continue, the brand were keen for their content to stand out from their competitors. In particular, they voiced their concerns about the quality and uniqueness of their blog content.

In addition to this, mid-way through our working relationship, the company changed its brand positioning. They switched from a beauty product to a nutritional one. Whilst we continued working towards the original objectives, this meant adapting our approach to content creation. At this stage, we had to consider whether the usual tone of voice reflected the brand’s change in direction.

Overcoming The Challenge: Our Content Marketing Work

We began by conducting a content audit and undertaking extensive keyword research. This allowed us to do a really thorough and comprehensive review of the content on their site. It was essential for us to start by understanding what was performing well, what wasn’t, and crucially, what was missing.

The output of this was a very clearly defined road map and vision for content going forward.

First, we optimised existing content on the site.

We identified 18 ‘static’ pages (non-blog posts) across the site that required improvements in terms of keyword targeting. We made recommendations for more relevant primary keywords in the copy, and for images, and advised on secondary and tertiary keywords that weren’t being utilised.

In strengthening these under-optimised pages, we set the foundations for success.

Next, we moved our focus to the blog. As per the static pages, we worked to ensure the existing posts were optimised for search engines and targeted relevant keywords. The content audit revealed that most blog posts were typically very lengthy and failed to use headings or engaging images to break up the text – which we recommended they fixed.

In terms of new blog content, we undertook a keyword gap analysis and competitor analysis to understand the competitive landscape and the types of topics being talked about. We quickly identified where key competitors were outperforming them and the steps we could take to rectify this.

Our main takeaway from this activity was that a blog content calendar should address four core themes:

  • What collagen is
  • Why the company is the best
  • The benefits of collagen
  • How to take collagen and hydrolysed collagen.

So, that’s precisely what happened!

In the process of writing the new blog content, we worked closely with the client to ensure blog posts contained fully optimised images and graphics. We also recommended they included quotes from their in-house skin and hair experts, plus customer testimonials. The outcome was in-depth, original, and engaging articles that didn’t simply regurgitate what was already out there on the web.

The Epic Results

We are super proud of the results we produced. Not only did we boost the below important metrics, but they also praised our blog content for legitimising their brand with investors.

Win, win!

  • Increased organic sessions by +1,126.1% YoY
  • Increased impressions by +140.4% YoY
  • Increased new orders by +28.1% YoY
  • Generated £82,950 in revenue (an increase of +24.7% YoY)
  • The works out at a whooping £64,950 ROI

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