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‘There has been a marked improvement to the performance over the last 6 months. Our Adwords performance is continually improving and is a vast improvement to our previous account.’
Collette Masso Del Llano, former Digital Marketing Manager at PegasusLife.

The Client

PegasusLife hosts over 30 luxury retirement developments across the UK. They are part of the Lifestory group, a group that serves to reimagine the homes we live in at each stage of our lives.

The Challenge

PegasusLife were in the unusual position of having secured additional budget for investment in paid media advertising for H1 2019, but were lacking a strategy to utilise it effectively. 

In addition, they had a strict cost per lead target of £850.00 for their 2018/2019 financial year and wanted to maintain this as a target while launching campaigns to secure new customers for their new developments being built across the UK.

Our Strategy & Tactics

Throughout H1 2019, we restructured PegasusLife’s Google Ads account, with key changes including:

  • Launching bidding adjustments for all developments based on radius targeting
    • Specifically we started to target customers searching for retirement properties within a 15 mile radius of developments
  • Launching new Google Display Network campaigns with responsive ad units
  • Introduction of RSLA (remarketing lists for search ads) campaigns
  • Introduction of DSA (dynamic search ads) campaigns
  • Introduction of Gmail Ad campaigns
  • Updating all copy and imagery to reflect PegasusLife branding changes & audience targeting


We were able to complete the restructuring of PegasusLife’s Google Ads account and introduce the changes above, all while achieving an average cost per lead across all developments in H1 2019 of £537.00. This was over £300.00 below PegasusLife’s target. 

In addition to achieving the cost per lead target, we were able to achieve a +13% YoY increase in leads in this period.

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