Posh Totty Case Study
We have been very impressed with the dedication and attention to detail of the SiteVisibility account team and their ability to be adaptive to the nuances and fast paced requirements of our business and the category as a whole.
Dave Smith – E-Commerce Manager at Posh Totty Designs

Client Background

Posh Totty Designs was established in 2004 in Brighton and produce bespoke hand stamped jewellery that can be personalised with meaningful dates or words. They believe in thoughtful and personal gifting, with each piece designed to be treasured and kept forever.

They sell personalised jewellery both online and in their shops in both Brighton and London.

Executive Summary

We started working with Posh Totty Designs in April 2019 and were tasked with maximising ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) on their Non-Brand campaigns in Google Ads in order to obtain the maximum results from their advertising budget.

More specifically, Posh Totty Designs wanted to maximise their return from Paid Advertising during March 2020, a key time in their calendar with Mother’s Day typically seeing a rise in demand for bespoke gifts.

To ensure Posh Totty Designs achieved the maximum results from their ad spend, we used multiple tactics within Google Ads in order to showcase the offer of bespoke jewellery for Mother’s Day.

This included a focused Search campaign for the Russian Collection, a Shopping campaign focusing on key bestseller products, two waves of Mother’s Day search ad copy, and a Search Bestseller campaign test.

The key results on Google Ads were:

  • Non-Brand ROAS of 3.25
  • YoY Non-Brand ROAS increase of 61%
  • YoY Non-Brand Revenue increase of 14%

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Posh Totty Designs came to SiteVisibility with multiple challenges:

  • Their Brand campaigns had a strong ROAS, but their Non-Branded campaigns had seen ROAS fluctuations over time.
  • They had a number of jewellery items that once ordered, needed a number of days to be hand stamped and shipped. This meant that there would be a “cut-off” date in order to receive the items in time for Mother’s Day.
  • They had a shifting inventory focus, which needed to be reflected correctly in any promotion or ad.
  • They operate in a competitive personalised jewellery online landscape. This means there are multiple brands competing for personalised jewellery keywords – some of which are established international brands that would compete for searcher’s attention on search results.

How Did We Help?

In order to achieve the highest possible ROAS on Non-Brand campaigns, we knew we would need to concentrate on the campaigns that had shown the best potential of return on our advertising spend.

As such, we decided to focus on two specific Non-Brand campaigns: the Search campaign for the Russian Collection product and a Smart Shopping campaign.

Additionally, we prepared two sets of new Expanded Text Ads and Responsive Search Ads (Respectively, the now-standard Google text ads that serve the headlines and descriptions in different combinations) that would apply to all the Search campaigns.

Finally, we used a few additional supporting elements: we tested a Non-Brand Search campaign which would mirror the Bestsellers being used in the Shopping campaign, we added Mother’s Day keywords to the Posh Totty Design Brand campaign and we increased bidding on a special audience of people who would be shopping  for Mother’s Day products.

The Results

The results below illustrate the success in driving sales of Posh Totty Designs bespoke jewellery and maximising the return from Non-Brand campaigns.


  • The Non-Brand Search campaigns (Russian Collection, Bestseller Search campaigns and the Shopping campaign) achieved a Non-Brand ROAS of 3.25 – this was the highest value for Non-Brand on the account in the time-frame October 2018-March 2020.
  • YoY Non-Brand ROAS (March 2020 compared to March 2019) increased 61%.
  • YoY Non-Brand Revenue (March 2020 compared to March 2019) increased 14%.

Performance of Specific Mother’s Day Ads

The Buildup and Promotional ads were even more effective than normal ads running on the account. Buildup ads achieved an 8.34% Conversion Rate increase and Last Chance ads achieved a 22% increase, while ROAS doubled on Buildup ads compared to normal ads.

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