“SiteVisibility’s technical team have had no problems working with our web designers and developers to ensure our website is optimised for search engines. They communicate without the confusing SEO jargon, produce clear and precise action points and most importantly, practise transparency with their efforts in doing so.”Jim Evans - Managing Director - SuperYachtsMonaco

Client Background

SuperYachtsMonaco was established in 2008 in response to growing demand for a company in the Superyacht industry with a simplified approach whilst maintaining and providing expert knowledge of the market. They are based in Monaco but operate worldwide.

Executive summary

SuperYachtsMonaco came to SiteVisibility in November 2016 with the specific goal of creating an SEO strategy to help them increase warm organic leads through the website.

After the initial auditing phase, we established that the key sales pages required specific Technical SEO and On Page Content Optimisation.

Using multiple keyword data sources from platforms like Google AdWords and STAT, we mapped high user intent keywords to the sales pages. We then optimised the existing content on the sales pages and uploaded to the site in February 2017.

The key results have included:

  • YoY Organic total traffic growth of 51% (Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016)
  • YoY Organic sales page growth of 709% (Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016)
  • Increased the number of traffic generating keywords to the sales page from 40 to 122

Total Organic Traffic Growth: Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016

total organic traffic growth

Sales page organic Traffic Growth: Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016: 

Sales page organic Traffic Growth

“SiteVisibility made the effort to understand the complex market of the superyacht industry, which, from past experience we have found to be key in order to produce good content and realistic strategies for improved online presence.”Jim Evans - Managing Director - SuperYachtsMonaco


SuperYachtsMonaco came to SiteVisibility with several challenges.

The primary challenges were:

  • They weren’t ranking for key ‘sale’ terms with high user intent
  • They had high volume but low converting traffic to the site
  • The had a lack of resource in house to produce effective and optimised content
  • There was a lack of SEO strategy from previous agency
  • Goals and Events were not being tracked correctly, meaning that they couldn’t see conversion data

In addition to the primary challenges, they faced some other issues:

They are in a very competitive marketplace, there was often long lead times between sales and internally there was a lack of business understanding when it came to the potential of the website as a lead generator. Typically, employees believed all business enquiries would come through the phone. As such, we needed to explain how making on page changes could be a huge benefit to sales.

How did we help?

In November and December 2016, we began work with SuperYachtsMonaco by undertaking Technical and Content Audits of the site.

After completion of the audits, we reviewed the results and it was clear that the optimisation of the sales pages should be prioritised.

We began by identifying relevant sale terms that would drive enquiries and then mapped the keywords to the key sales pages. These were:

After review from the client, the sales pages went live in March. We set up custom segments in GA for the sales pages to provide analysis and feedback on traffic. Separately, we set up and reported on keyword rankings.In February 2017, we then began re-writing and optimising the 3 sales pages, which included meta descriptions, titles, H tags and body content for each.


The results below illustrate the change in organic performance once SiteVisibility’s recommendations had been implemented.


  • Organic landing page traffic to the /sales page is up 709% YoY. (Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016)
  • Organic landing page traffic to their /sales/all page is up 159% YoY. (Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016)
  • Organic traffic to /sales/pages/megayachtsales is up 1495% YoY. (Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016)
  • Positive ranking improvements for ‘sales’ related keywords.
  • 14 keywords moved onto the first page of Google. No terms already in the top 10 moved negatively.

Keyword ranking performance for sale specific terms

The terms in the table below have a high transactional intent that may produce warm leads for Super Yachts Monaco. In this industry, a single lead could potentially turn into a sale worth £milions.

SEMrush Keyword performance – https://www.superyachtsmonaco.com/sales

The table below from SEMrush shows the total estimated paid traffic cost saving achieved through organic as increasing from $500 in January to $1500 in August.

In January SEMrush could find 40 keywords driving traffic to the main sales page. By August 2017 this had improved to 122.

Month Number of ranking keywords Traffic Cost Estimate
January 40 $500
August 122 $1500

Google Analytics Data Graph – https://www.superyachtsmonaco.com/sales

The graph below shows the organic sessions for the sales page once the page was optimised and put live. The traffic growth has been incremental and sustained throughout the year.

Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016

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