Google Analytics Revisited – Podcast Episode #42

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Google Analytics has grown into a handsome beast since we last looked at it – with some nice new features. In today’s show Daniel Rowles and I take another look at how it can be integrated into your online marketing. Topics covered:

  • Getting your analytics strategy right
  • The history of Google Analytics
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Limitations of Google Analytics
  • How accurate is Google Analytcs
  • Where you main focus should be when interpreting the results
  • The difference between hits and visits
  • The power of tracking conversions in online marketing
  • Industry benchmarking .
  • Google Analytic’s new feature
  • Integrated Website Optimiser and how to use it
  • Tie in with Ad Words
  • How to use filtering to segregate your audience statistics
  • The best frequency to email in email marketing
  • The best time to email students when email marketing
  • The best time to send emails for various market segments


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