Ink, Paper & Screen Casts – Internet Marketing Podcast #48

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The latest podcast is live

In a paper-and-ink-orientated conversation today, Andy White, Helen Trendell and I talk about our favourite Internet Marketing books.
080/365 An Elephant always remembers

And Andy speaks to Ian Ozsvald of Procasts and Showmedo about the how and why of screencasting.

Topics covered:

  1. Getting depth of knowledge from books
  2. Efficient working
  3. Outsourcing and virtual assistants
  4. Email management
  5. Market research using pay per click trials
  6. The use of stories in marketing
  7. Steps to delivering creativity
  8. Combining traditional and digital marketing
  9. Why use screencasts
  10. How to make screencasts
  11. Online screencasting systems
  12. Using screencasts in support

The books: * The Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris * Made to Stick – Chip and Dan Heath * After Image – John Grant * Meatball Sundae – Seth Godin


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