Interview with Alicia Navarro from SkimLinks Plus Questions and answers – Podcast Episode #58

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In this podcast we cover a variety of questions from our listeners and interviewed Alicia Navarro one of the founders of SkimLinks, a tool which could completely change the way you monetise your website. Alicia also reveals some exclusive new tools!

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Plus also some huge news, we’re taking the podcast weekly!

You can listen in itunes or in the player below.


  1. Excellent news on the podcast going weekly!

    Interesting article with Alicia too. I hadn’t heard of them before, will be looking into it further.

  2. Kelvin, great interview with Alicia. I am looking at signing up as a way of earning off the better paying credit card or lead gen loans and finance affiliate programmes. My site is not licensed as a credit broker or with the FSA for financial promotions which most affiliate agencies require. Is Skimlinks a way round this?

    Once you install Skimlinks do you have to disclose links? I don’t want redirects readers can see as it cuts conversions, but what about OFT/FTC if you are being paid, do you need to disclose that to the reader in which case is conversion better through a disclosed Skimlink or an ugly affiliate link?

    Good luck with the podcast giong weekly.

  3. Hi Daryl,

    Thanks for your questions. I work for Skimlinks and am happy to help you. We believe in fully disclosing the use of affiliate technology. In our terms of service we ask our Publishers to update their Privacy Policy, About Us, or other relevant website section to include a statement of disclosure about use of the Technology on their websites.

    I also want to assure you that we do not hijack affiliate links. We respect existing affiliate links and relationships on publisher sites. What our technology does is convert unadulterated links to merchants into affiliate links on the fly so there are no broken links and they are clean links, making the user experience more pleasant. If you would prefer for a certain link to not go through our redirect, you have the option of excluding certain links as well. If you have any further questions, you can email me directly at


  4. Great interview, very interesting stuff. Seems to work better as b2c options over b2b.

    Nice to see your trying it out with that itunes link going through them Kelvin 😉

  5. Great show especially the interview with Skim Links, I hadn’t actually come across this product and found it very interesting. Are they working in the iGaming market as most operators in iGaming don’t work with networks..

  6. Author

    Well spotted Andy, we are indeed trying them out here, but think your right slightly more applicable to b2c than b2b.

    Hopefully Jenny will read your comment Alex and let us know what there involvement in the igaming sector is!

  7. Hi Kelvin, I’m a big fan of Skimlinks and actually had an interview with them. They’ve very proud of what they have and seem to believe this is really going to take off.

    Your video really helped me grab an understanding on whats what with the program

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