Should you maintain personal and business Twitter Account plus other Questions from listeners – Podcast Episode #61

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In this week’s podcast we answered questions from the listeners to the show. You can listen to the episode on the player below, subscribe to the podcast feed or listen in iTunes.

We covered topics including

  • How to update Facebook with an RSS Feed?
  • Should you have seperate Business and Personal Profiles on Twitter?
  • Can you promote a consumer business with Slidshare?
  • Should you start from scratch with a new CMS to get your SEO right?
  • How to sell ebooks to older customers?
  • Advertising Funded Blogs vs. eBooks



  1. Hey Guys,
    I love the podcast and when I was listening to it, heard mention of That was a solution to push RSS feeds into Facebook. When I tried to find them I just got a spam site. do you have a link?

  2. Thanks, in the end I used an RSS reader that takes feeds from anywhere called “RSS Graffiti”. That seems to do the job quite well.
    I’ll bookmark sendible though, despite the dodgy spelling!

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