Inventive Link Building Techniques – Podcast Episode #77

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  1. Hi Kelvin –
    Awesome podcast series. I am working on marketing for my family’s law firm in my ‘spare time’, and I always learn something useful from your shows. There are lots of ideas I am working on implementing.

    One challenge I am pondering is related to client reviews or testimonials. We are working on developing some, but is there a good way to manage the reviews so they will display in multiple places? It will be hard to ask the clients to please go post in Facebook, on Yelp, on Google, etc., etc. Do you know of any good way to post reviews once and have them appear in multiple channels? Surely I am not the first person struggling with this 🙂

    Thanks for any ideas or if you guys discuss this in a future podcast!

  2. Great podcast, what I would be interested to know is this, my site has a world wide userbase. (not huge but very varied) With regards to guest posting and outbound links, would you recommend taking on one per country (which will provide multiple links out of the site) or stick with one writer who will only probably promote one or two sites from their guest posts. Is there an argument that the right sort of outbound links are as valuable in some cases to inbound if they are targeted and to decent sites? in this event, it would follow that either allowing multi country guest bloggers (or creating country specific content and linking out to appropriate sites) would be good for link building – what’s your view on outbounds?

  3. I finally managed to find this as my itunes software doesn’t seem to download your podcasts any longer, it reports that authorisation is needed.

    Anyway, a great podcast with some good ideas that I’ll try out, especially the idea of having scrapable content with a link built in. I use something similar at the moment called tynt that builds a link onto copied content from the pages.

    Look forward to hearing more podcasts now I’ve found them again 🙂



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