How to Manage Your Online Reputation Interview With Antony Mayfield – Podcast Episode #88

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In this episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, we interviewed Antony Mayfield the author of the hugely useful Me and My Web Shadow – How to Manage Your Reputation Online. He shares top tips on how you should keep tabs on and make a positive influence on how you are perceived online.

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  • Antony’s Twitter
  • The Book On Amazon
  • Log Out of Facebook, Google, Twitter etc and search for yourself
  • Have a Facebook and LinkedIn presence even if you don’t use it
  • What should you do if someone shares your name?
  • Consider a common username
  • Think about your compnay name, profession location etc
  • Use consistent image as an avatar across sites
  • Try and make links between your hubs
  • Flavor.Me
  • What to do if someone with the same name has a bad reputation

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