LinkedIn Networking with Jan Vermeiren – Podcast Episode #114

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In this episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, we have Kelvin’s interview with LinkedIn marketing strategist Jan Vermeiren, who is the founder of the first LinkedIn certified training company in the world. Jan has also written two books about networking and LinkedIn, and they’re talking about how best to use the site for personal and professional use.

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The Networking Coach
Jan Vermeiren on LinkedIn
Jan’s Book “How to Really Use LinkedIn”

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  1. I love your podcasts normally, but I don’t think Jan had anything particularly insightful to offer regarding Linked In. Digital Marketing professionals really should know all this stuff already.

    I have no problem with people using interviews on podcasts to plug their books, in fact, I’ve bought books based on these interviews, but I would have been more likely to have bought Jan’s book prior to his interview.

    A waste of good podcasting time.

  2. Really sorry you didn’t enjoy the interview with Jan on the podcast. Is there something in particular that you didn’t enjoy? Just the fact he didn’t go into a huge amount of detail?

    It’s tough with interviews we don’t want to get too crazy detailed and alienate people but there is a danger we become a bit superficial at times.

    Are there any of the interviews you particularly enjoyed so I can try and emulate them more in the future?

  3. Sometimes you take questions from podcast listeners. How can I send you a question for the podcast? I think it’s a pretty good one you might find interesting. =)

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