It’s (Brand) Anarchy! Interview with Stephen Waddington – Podcast Episode #172

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In this episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Kelvin is interviewing Stephen Waddington, author of “Brand Anarchy: Managing Corporate Reputation”.

They’re discussing what people working in the media, PR, and digital fields need to know about getting their content to the right audience. Through discussion of how to create content that’s engaging and shareable and then getting it to the right audience; admitting when a mistake has been made and fixing it; realising that corporations controlling their own reputations isn’t working; to Americans style start-up culture where a certain amount of failure is expected, they’re explaining the fundamentals of how the current media landscape can impact on managing the reputation of your company.

Brand Anarchy | Stephen Waddington

Brand Anarchy | Stephen Waddington & Steven Earl
photo courtesy of Vikki Chowney

Brand Anarchy
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