SEO for Business Using Google Local: Interview with David Mihm – Podcast Episode #173

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We’ve done a lot of talking recently about how important the new Google+ Local layout is for your business, and in this episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Kelvin is interviewing an expert in Local SEO, David Mihm. You might know David from his blog or the annual project, Local Search Ranking Factors, which identifies the most important factors in ranking for your regional or local keywords.

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  1. Wow! All your shows are great but this one had so much info that I’m going to have to listen to it a couple of more times. Local search is the great equalizer for brick and mortar stores. When you combine local with mobile, you can achieve outstanding results. Thank you and thank David for such a great interview.

  2. Yea, I’m with Keith. All of your episodes are great, but this one was jam packed with incredible info. I’m diving back in 🙂

  3. Thanks for the interview. Dav I really liked the advice about ancore text local terms and places categories. I love the local search ranking factors and all the local university crews blogs. Keep up the great work.

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